5 Best Tracy Chapman Moments of 2015

It has been a very great year for Tracy Chapman. After the “Our Bright Future” tour in 2009, she chose to stay away from the public eye, but in 2015 she made a comeback and probably gave one of the most remarkable performance of her career. Even if lots of fans were expecting a new album + a tour, Tracy Chapman was in the spotlight for some good reasons.

1. The “Stand By Me” performance at David Letterman Show

David Letterman requested that Tracy Chapman perform “Stand By Me” live on one of his last shows, she did it, just her and a guitar and had been internationally acclaimed as “haunting” version (TheWeek.com), an “incredibly moving in its simplicity” song (shewired.com), a heart-stopping rendition of Ben E. King’s classic (vulture.com)

2. The “Greatest Hits” Release

On November 20, 2015 Tracy chapman released a “Greatest Hits“compiled by herself, featuring remastered songs and including a brand new track, the famous “Stand By Me” performance.  Read more about the album and buy it if it’s not done yet (iTunes or Amazon)

Tracy Chapman's Greatest Hits releases on November 20, 2015

3. All Interviews she gave to promote the release

Tracy Chapman gave numerous interviews to international Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Radio shows to promote the release of the “Greatest Hits”. Here’s the list of interviews:

4. The “Ask Tracy Chapman A Contest”

Tracy Chapman gave the opportunity to her fans to ask her a question. She chose 13 of them and answered them. We are currently publishing the answers on Facebook, read them!

5. Kelly Clarkson covered “Give Me One Reason”

In 2014 the cover of  “Fast Car” by Sam Smith was huge hit cumulating today 8.9M views on Youtube. This year Kelly Clarkson gave her own interpretation of “Give Me One Reason”. With 1.5M views, it’s the 2015 most viewed video with a Tracy Chapman song. Not bad!

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