The Grammy Effect: the impact of Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs’ performance on online searches and social networks

The impact of Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs’ performance at the Grammy Awards was enormous from every point of view: from the music (streaming and sales) to the search for information about Tracy Chapman online and the desire to share about her on social networks. Here’s what we can say one month after this memorable performance :

Using Google Trends, we can see the Grammy effect by observing the spike in searches that took place on the night of the performance, between February 4 and 5. We can also see that the curiosity effect lasted for about ten days before declining again.

The top 5 countries show an interest from English-speaking countries, which is normal since the Grammy Awards is an American ceremony.

The Related Queries clearly show that people were looking for a replay of the performance, a video that was a little slow to be put online by traditional means: it was available on the official Grammys site on February 8, uploaded to Youtube on February 15, while it was available on social networks quite quickly (we’ll come back to this below).

Since my website (on which you are reading this article) is on the first page of Google for the query “tracy chapman”, we can clearly see the exact number of searches for the keyword “tracy chapman” via Google Search Console the evening of the performance.

This is simply huge, with a 1076% jump between January and February searches!

Tracy Chapman’s Wikipedia page had 1 million hits the night of the performance!

Unfortunately, the traffic to my site did not benefit from this effect as much as it should have, because my host decided to perform maintenance that evening! This made the site unavailable for 24 hours and caused display errors for several days afterwards. It was really bad luck

Millions of views for replay of Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs “Fast Car” performance

It’s almost impossible to measure the number of views on the replay of the performance because so many unofficial entities (including our social networks) shared it. But what we can observe is that of all the performances at the Grammys that night, this is the one that got the most views, whether on the official Grammys Instagram account with 25.8 million views to date.

or their Youtube account with 9.8M views.

On our own Instagram account, we’ve posted 6 videos that feature all or part of this performance and have received 16.6 million views! Multiply that by all the accounts that re-shared that video, and it’s astronomical! It’s just a shame we don’t know exactly how many.

The huge impact on social networks

Thanks to the Crowdtangle tool, we can measure how many posts were publicly shared on Instagram and Facebook and how many interactions they generated. Unfortunately, these data are not exhaustive, as they do not include Reels posts, but for those we do have, we can see which posts performed best and also compare them to the previous month, for example. This gives us:

For Instagram, 808 posts were published in February 2024, generating 4.7 million interactions, compared to 84 posts and 816.4K interactions.

For Facebook, 5338 posts generating 5.5M interactions were published in February 2024 compared to 442 posts generating 398.6K interactions.

These are just some of the posts published, as not all private profiles can be counted.

On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter/X, our posts reached 76.1 million people in February.

Our accounts also gained 90.2K followers on Facebook (+5%), +200.4K followers on Instagram (+82%), and 74.2K followers on Twitter/X (+190%). We’ve never seen such rapid growth before.

For the more curious among you, here are some more detailed statistics from our Instagram account in February 2024:

As you can see, the Grammy Awards experience is unprecedented. Never before has a Tracy Chapman event had so much impact online. More recent events, such as the Country Music Awards in November 2023, where Tracy Chapman won the award for Song of the Year for ‘Fast Car’, or the performance of ‘Stand By Me’ on the David Letterman Show in April 2025, have never had such an impact.

Hopefully we will all have more opportunities to celebrate Tracy Chapman online soon, it was a really intense time of sharing and celebrating, never before have we had so much exchange with the community of “fans”, it was very exciting, wasn’t it?


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