About the website

about-tracy-chapman.net aims to be the most important unofficial Tracy Chapman website since March 2001. At the moment there is no official website, it used to be available under the domain tracychapman.com, but due to lack of news it has been deactivated for several years now.

I published the first version of this site online in March 2001, and since then several versions have followed. You are currently browsing the 5th version of this site (online April 2024).


This site is the fruit of collecting published photos, articles and, information available online or offline, from my personal collection to some from other fans. If for some reason you saw something I took from your site and you don’t want to be published here, contact me and I will remove it. No mp3 is available for download on this site, buy albums (even digital) and make the artists you love live!


The website about-tracy-chapman.net features:

  • News 2024: All the latest news about Tracy Chapman ;
  • Biography: The most complete Tracy Chapman timeline biography you’ll ever find ;
  • Discography: All Tracy Chapman albums, singles and contributions ;
  • Concerts: View the archive of past concerts and read about the upcoming Tracy Chapman 2021 concerts ;
  • Lyrics: All Tracy Chapman lyrics ;
  • Photos: A great collection of Tracy Chapman photos ;
  • Videos: A good selection of available Tracy Chapman videos available online ;
  • Press: The largest collection of press articles in English, French, German…
  • Guitar Tabs: Want to play a Tracy Chapman song on the guitar?
  • Memorabilia: For die-hard fans only (t-shirts, posters, autographs…).


My name is Aurélie M., I’m French.
I maintain this website because I love Tracy’s music and in 2001 I realized that the Internet was missing a comprehensive website about the great artist that she is.
Maintaining this site has allowed me to meet many wonderful people from all over the world, thank you for keeping your love of Tracy’s music alive!