Tracy Chapman Tour Dates 2024

tracy chapman tour dates concert tickets

You’re wondering if Tracy Chapman will ever tour again, if there’s any Tracy Chapman tour dates schedule in 2024?

The answer is: not for now, unfortunately. She recently told the press that there was no upcoming plan:

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Read about previous Tracy Chapman tours:

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Comments 37
  1. Don’t want to regret! :-) Please let me know when Tracy has a tour or a concert. I travel, so I can follow.. :-)
    Me love her.. :-) Simple ..

  2. I loved to see Tracy Chapman in concert. her songs have been such an inspiration to me.

  3. Tracy, you’re music has touched my heart….This world needs more people like you . Strong, compassionate and an Angel here on Earth. God Bless You…

  4. I miss her. I saw her in Denver and she was amazing. To see again is on my bucket list. xoxoxoxo

  5. Im a chilean woman that grow up with Tracy s song and Im waiting hopefully for a visit
    Thank you

  6. Please I love so see Tracy chapman show it will be the best gift for my self I love her songs so baddddd
    So please let me know if is a chance to see her in a show soon

  7. Would love to know if you are touring (preferably an intimate gig) 2015 anywhere in Europe incl UK.
    Please keep me informed. You are my memories!

  8. Hey, Tracy,

    I knew some songs of you, but now i think i was leaded to you!!
    I love your music and i like you as person.

    I hope that you give some concerts in the future – what`s up – why do you not make any songs??
    Your songs are a gift to everyone who likes it – i make music too, maybe we can play together?
    Do you need some inspirations? I think i can give it to you.
    Please tell me

  9. Could you please send me the tour dates for Tracy Chapman for 2015. Thank you

  10. Please keep me/Toronto posted when she is coming this way, for a concert or a speech easy anything, love love love her.

  11. Please would you let me know when Tracy’s tours are in the uk, I turn 50 this year and can’t think of a better birthday present,
    I’m a loyal fan, we saw her at the round house in london, Camden locks, please come back, xxxx

  12. Truly love her music. Seeing her in a concert is a dream. I will travel from Mongolia just to see her concert! Sending love from Mongolia. Terelj

  13. Would love to see Tracy in concert at an intimate venue (i.e. Catalina Bar & Grill) in Los Angeles.

  14. My dream, to see Tracy Chapman in concert, if possible in Madrid.
    Thanks. Good job!
    See you soon in Spain : )

  15. Tracy, I can not describe how much I absolutely love your music. To see you live would be my dream come true. Please would you come to South Africa. We need you here, now more than ever. Xx

  16. Please come to South Africa. Many of your fans here. I have listened to your music since I was a little girl and it would change my world to see you live.

  17. a fan of your words, of your person, of the divinity in you.

    If we love You we can’t say you: come, because you are with us always with yours songs
    it would be a gift if we see you soon.

  18. Please send me dates about concerts in Germany,this or next Year!
    Thank You
    H-P. Frank

  19. I would travel anywhere to see you Tracy Chapman,anywhere. And yes I need a new album of yours as well. Your songs are the language of my mind. You’ve just gotta tour soon Tracy. Hope and pray alls we’ll with you!

  20. Tracey, get your arse touring. If you don’t want a big crowd just come to my local pub at langhorne creek in south Australia. Or I’ll come to America to one of your concerts or if you can’t be fucked then I’ll just come to your house? You are really the only person in the world who I want to see sing live. Let me know either way ok? X


  22. Tracy Chapman at a small festival such as Godney gathering would be great UB 40 were split up and burnt out-Tracy would be timeless

  23. Tracy. Your gift is gifts. We wish you back on tour for a chance to see you live. We will come to New York. Yours so truly.

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