What are Tracy Chapman’s religious beliefs?

tracy chapman religion

Question: What are Tracy Chapman’s religious beliefs?

Answer: In a recent interview for NPR, Tracy Chapman talked about religion while trying to explain why she wrote “Save Us All”, a song from her album Our Bright Future:

Read entire transcript here.

“Save Us All” Lyrics

I know Jesus loves me
In my heart I know it’s true
I know Mary’s little baby
Came in the world
Just to save me
But I don’t know about you

My God’s a mighty big God
My God can shake the world up
Plagues and famines
Frogs and locusts
Walking on water
Burning bushes
Rolling the thunder
And parting the waters too

My God is good in the kitchen
Make a god meal from bread and fishes
Feed the hungry pour the wine
Everybody’s welcome to have a good time
Sit at his table enjoy the food

I know that Jesus loves me
He says I should love you
My neighbor not his wife
Don’t covet steal kill or lie
My God’s got a lot of rules

My God made creation
Six days work one day vacation
Made a garden
Filled it with apples
Adam and Eve walked around natural
Until they ate that one piece of bad fruit

I’ve heard that your God’s older
Buddha Allah Krishna
Manifest with many faces
Worshipped the world over in foreign places
I assume  your God must love you

I know Jesus loves me
And my God is good and great and true
But it pride goeth before the fall
I hope someone’s God will save us all
Save us all
And love the sinners too

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