What are Tracy Chapman’s religious beliefs?


Question: What are Tracy Chapman’s religious beliefs?

Answer: In a recent interview for NPR, Tracy Chapman talked about religion while trying to explain why she wrote “Save Us All”, a song from her album “Our Bright Future”

I happen to have a number of friends who are very interested in religion and who are studying religion, so we talk about it all the time. And then, of course, in recent years in the United States it’s really something that you can’t avoid in the public spirit, in that there’s discussion of religion and politics in really everything.

I was kind of thinking about my own history with religion. I was raised in a Baptist tradition but then I went to an Episcopalian high school and they were very accepting of people of all faiths. And I think I was very influenced by that and notions of intolerance that some people have about other religious traditions just, I think in some ways because of, you know, my own background, it doesn’t make any sense to me. And I just started thinking about how we sometimes need to be saved from the people who think they need to save us.

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