Is Tracy Chapman a woman? a man?


Question: Is Tracy Chapman a woman? a man?

Answer : There are lots of questions about Tracy’s gender, and that’s why you are here too on this page. Let’s give HER the opportunity to answer by quoting her, it’s from an interview she gave to Kristine McKenna (L.A. Times) in 1988.

Asked if she expects that age-old music industry bugaboo, sexism, to impede her progress, Tracy Chapman says:

Obviously there is sexism in the music business. Women in this industry have had to do things to get their music heard that most male artists aren’t required to do. Playing the kind of music I do, I naturally address the issue of sexism, and most of my songs are from a female perspective. But I’m not furious about being a woman. I like being a woman!

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  1. I LOVE Tracy Chapman’s music. I love every single song, which I cannot usually say/type/write about others. Her music, I guess, just touches where others can’t. I also love the fact that her lyrics are very meaningful. I was just wondering if she might have another album in the works after the 2008 Our Bright Future album??
    Anyone’s help on this would be much appreciated. Thank you :)