Is Tracy Chapman a lesbian? Gay?


Question: Is Tracy Chapman a lesbian? Gay?

Answer: Does it really matter to you? Chapman never discusses her private life in interviews and endlessly answers: “I don’t talk about my personal life”.

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  1. Altaira Hatton on

    Actually, it does matter. Tracy Chapman is an internationally acclaimed, chart-topping singer and song writer. If she can proudly say who she is, it automatically liberates others to be open about their lives too.
    It’s more than providing an identity function, it’s about batting for team Honesty, from a position in which you have nothing to lose.

  2. It does matter, because when people listen to her music, it might help them understand the autobiographical aspect of her songwriting if we knew where she comes from and WHO SHE IS.

  3. Is tracy chapman gay – no it doesnt matter, but straight people have already stuffed up the world and she’s on the right track.

  4. Birgit Albrecht on

    What if she’s just not interested in having curious Voyeurs peering into her private life? Being an utterly political artist doesn’t necessarily mean you have to reveal your entire private (sexual) matters to serve as an icon for whatever. In a democracy you should have the option to chose wether your private/sexual life should be a political subject or not. This refers in my opinion to either homo- or heterosexual preferences.

  5. A bi guy on

    In one sense, no it doesn’t matter of course. But in another sense, in a way, yes it does. Men who find Tracy attractive might not unreasonably wonder about her erotic/romantic orientation, and whether they might have better than a snowball’s chance…

  6. She is a fantastic musician,songwriter & my mom luvs her.Her voice is both intriguing & motivating.Thank u 4 sharing such a great gift in my time.