Collection (2001), Tracy Chapman’s first Greatest Hits album



COLLECTION, Greatest Hits Album (2001)

The Collection album is a greatest hits album released on September 17, 2001 worldwide but in the USA. The tracks chosen by Tracy Chapman herself are from her 5 first albums (The Debut Album, Crossroads, Matters Of The Heart, New Beginning and Telling Stories). It doesn’t contain any new / rare / unreleased songs.

The booklet of the CD contains a biography written by Nigel Williamson under the direction of Tracy.

Though its release was not supported in the press by interviews from Tracy, it had a heavy marketing campaign. It eventually reached #3 in the UK Albums Chart in October 2001, #10 in Australia, and has been certified double platinum.

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1. Fast Car (4:58) iTunes amazon
2. Subcity (5:09) iTunes amazon
3. Baby Can I Hold You (3:16) iTunes amazon
4. The Promise (5:28) iTunes amazon
5. I’m Ready (4:56) iTunes amazon
6. Crossroads (4:11) iTunes amazon
7. Bang Bang Bang (4:21) iTunes amazon
8. Telling Stories (3:58) iTunes amazon
9.Smoke and Ashes (6:39) iTunes amazon
10. Speak the Word (4:14) iTunes amazon
11.Wedding Song (5:37) iTunes amazon
12. Open Arms (4:34) iTunes amazon
13. Give Me One Reason (4:31) iTunes amazon
14. Talkin’ Bout A Revolution (2:38) iTunes amazon
15. She’s Got Her Ticket (3:54) iTunes amazon
16. All That You Have Is Your Soul (5:16) iTunes amazon

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“Baby Can I Hold You” had been chosen to be the only single from Collection


1, 3, 14, 15 from the album TRACY CHAPMAN
Produced by David Kershenbaum for SBK Record Production, Inc.
Executive Producers : Don Rubin and Brian Koppelman

2, 6, 16 from the album CROSSROADS
Produced by David Kershenbaum and Tracy Chapman for SBK Record Production, Inc.

7, 12 from the album MATTERS OF THE HEART
Produced by Jimmy Iovine and Tracy Chapman

4, 5, 9, 13 from the album NEW BEGINNING
Produced by Don Gehman and Tracy Chapman

8, 10, 11 from the album TELLING STORIES
Produced by David Kershenbaum and Tracy Chapman

All lyrics and music by Tracy Chapman

Compilation Mastered at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME

Management by Ron Stone and Lavonne Murlowski for Gold Mountain Entertainment

Art Direction and design: John and Jeri Eiden for SMOG and Tracy Chapman

Photography: Michael Lavine


French TV promo video . 2001. 0:42

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