Video: Tracy Chapman talks about and sing “Talkin’Bout a Revolution” in 1986

Tracy Chapman in "Dead Air Live" (1986)

Dead Air Live, a TV show from Somerville, MA just published a video from their 1986 archives featuring a short interview of Tracy Chapman explaining where the song “Talkin’Bout A Revolution” comes from. She even sings it. Thank you @bradkellyfilms for the link, Follow him on Twitter!

Tracy Chapman: “I wrote the song ‘Talkin’Bout A Revolution’ when I was sixteen, I guess I was in my second or my first year of boarding school. I grew up in Cleveland and went to public school there. I received the scolarship to go to boarding school. It was a really difficult transition for me, being in Danbury, Connecticut. I found that people at the school didn’t really have that much interest. I was really angry about that, and that’s where the song ‘Talkin’Bout a Revolution’ came from. Meaning that alot of them thought that… they didn’t think that people’s lives who…, people who didn’t have money or who were working class, their lives weren’t very significant and they also somehow couldn’t make a change. But I feel that’s where change comes from, that’s where people are in most need”

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