Videos: “Sing For You”, “Talkin’Bout A Revolution” & “Stand By Me” by Tracy Chapman Live @ Taratata (live, 2009)

Tracy Chapman - Taratata

Here are the videos of Tracy Chapman singing live at “Taratata”, a famous french TV show, recorded 0n April 07 2009 and aired on TV on May 29, 2009:

Sing For You:

Stand By Me:

Talkin’Bout A Revolution:

During the show Tracy Chapman was interviewed by Nagui. She also sang a part of “Talkin’Bout A Revolution”. Nor the special session called “Mon Taratata à moi”, where Tracy Chapman in the photobooth requested Missy Eliott / Mc Solaar singing “All n’ my grill”. Hopefully they will be published online soon.

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  1. You are one of the MOST amazing woman that I LOVE to watch and listen to you sing. You are a beautiful person (inside, as well outside). Your melodious voice is like an angel’s. Thank you … just for being you.

  2. Hi, has anyone seen the video on msnbc- “A day in the life of Obama’s White house”? There is a clip where they try to portray staff cooling off and listening to music and guess what White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel’s listening to on his ipod… Tracy’s “Freedom now”. Her songs are simply timeless! Well, I’ve got my tickets now and counting down to the 25th now…. still keeping my fingers crossed that you’d play “Dreaming on a world” ?

  3. I’ve always felt alone in the way I feel when it comes to Tracy’s songs. Well here I have for company a White House Chief of staff… wow.
    In a world so full of anger and hate; God soothes our aching minds with things like the smile of a child, love of a woman , Tracy Chapman, and Barak Obama.

  4. Whenever I have to prepare for educational learning for myself or as a literacy tutor, I listen to Tracy to get my mind going in the right direction. Her songs boost my spirits up to get me going. When
    I’m with my youth students, I try to interpet Tracy’s lyrics of knowing the difference between what is good and bad so they can make the right choices in their lives.

  5. I love TRACY so much…her songs are flowing in my veins, can’t stop listening if heard her voice just once…it feels like being in to another dimension; a peace dimension…

  6. hie Tracy
    i would like to comment your music it inspires me so much like a song called fast car and subcity i wish to se you sing live but its only that i stay far away in Africa Zimbabwe by-y

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