18 Tracy Chapman covers to watch on Youtube

International singers and bands have covered Tracy Chapman songs many times. Not all of them are famous, not all of them are good to listen to, some of them are even forgettable, but if they made it to this top, it’s because they were hits at some point. Check out their performances.

Justin Bieber covers Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” – September 8, 2016

Justin Bieber performed this cover of “Fast Car” in the Live Lounge. He’s actually a long-time fan of Tracy Chapman! We remember him covering “Fast Car” in a video promoting the Grammy Awards, then publishing this short video of him covering “Talkin’Bout A Revolution” on his Instagram account, then deleting it. On tour, he covers “Fast Car” alone with his guitar on tour. Pattie Mallette, Justin’s mother, is actually a big fan of Tracy Chapman, we must thank her for making him know Tracy’s music!

Kelly Clarkson covers Tracy Chapman “Give Me One Reason” @ SiriusXM – March 18, 2015

Kelly Clarkson twitted: “Had so much fun covering Tracy Chapman’s Give Me One Reason for @SiriusXMHits1 – one of my favorites!!!” She had already covered “Fast Car” live with Daughtry on tour in 2010.

Sam Smith covers Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” in the Live Lounge – September 3, 2014

Rolling Stone magazine said about this performance: “Sam Smith offered a tender cover of Tracy Chapman’s smash “Fast Car” during a recent session for the BBC’s Live Lounge series. While his band slowed down the song and offered up an arrangement that veered more towards the singer’s soul and R&B wheelhouse, Smith delivered yet another potent vocal performance, bouncing beautifully between a delicate, breathy croon and big, chilling belts.” Judge by yourself:

Khalid covers Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” in the Live Lounge – Mars 8, 2018

Michael Collings covers Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” at Britain Got Talent – April 2011

When Michael Collings first played “Fast Car” on Britain’s Got Talent audition Tracy Chapman’s version went to #4 in the UK charts that week. In January 2012 YouTube announced that Michael’s Version of “Fast Car” was YouTube’s 5th most played video of 2011 (of all YouTube videos!). In that time it had over 12 million hits. It now has more than 30 millions hits which makes one of the Top 5 most played videos related to Tracy Chapman on Youtube.

Joe Bonamassa & Robert Cray cover “Give Me One Reason” – 2010

Give Me One Reason could not sound more “blues” with Joe Banamassa and Robert Cray. Published on the “Lee Ritenour’s 6 String Theory” album. Hear more about the collaboration (how and why) on this video.

Boyce Avenue feat. Kina Grannis cover cover “Fast Car” – 2010

More than 27 millions views on this cover that got big on iTunes and Spotify too!

Emmylou Harris covers Tracy Chapman’s “All That You Have Is Your Soul” – 2008

Emmylou Harris, an American country singer for more than 40 years, participated in the vocals of the song “The Only One” on Tracy Chapman’s 4th album “Telling Stories”. She covered “All That You Have Is Your Soul” on her 2008 album “All I Intended To Be”.

Living Colour cover Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin’Bout A Revolution” – November 2008

Living Colour is actually the first band to have covered Tracy Chapman back in 1988. Vernon Reid, member of Living Colour even played the guitar on Tracy Chapman’s Matters Of The Heart album in 1992. This 2008 performance was done the day after Obama’s first election as President of the United States.

Gabrielle covers Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” – 2008

Gabrielle is most known for her debut single “Dreams”, a big hit from 1993. Originally the song included a sample of the song “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman but because of copyright issues the sample had to be removed. Gabrielle actually covered “Fast Car” later in 2008

Reel Big Fish covers Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin’Bout A Revolution” – 2005

If you always dreamt of hearing a ska version of “Talkin’Bout A Revolution”, here it is!

Billy Ocean covers Tracy Chapman’s “Baby Can I Hold You” – 2003

Billy Ocean, the most popular British R&B singer-songwriter of the early to mid-1980s offered a reggae version of  “Baby Can I Hold You” in 2003

Boyzone covers Tracy Chapman’s “Baby Can I Hold You” – 1997

It’s probably the biggest sales performance of a Tracy Chapman cover, to the point that in Ireland (Boyzone’s country), people think that Tracy Chapman actually covered the Boyzone song! Ronan Keating, Boyzone lead singer, also covered it solo. Watch his solo performance here

Junior Wells covers Tracy Chapman “Give Me One Reason” – 1996

This “Give Me One Reason” cover could not not sound more “blues”. Junior Wells also performed this song live with Tracy Chapman at the Grammy Awards in 1997.

George Michael covers Tracy Chapman “Baby Can I Hold You” – 1995

You didn’t know that George Michael actually covered a Tracy Chapman song, did you? Well he did just once and it was live:

Wayne Wonder covers Tracy Chapman “Fast Car” – 1990

There are many reggae version of Tracy Chapman songs, especially from late 80s and early 90s. Wondering why they all dissappeared since then!

Foxy Brown covers Tracy Chapman “Fast Car” and “Baby Can I Hold You” – 1989

Because of those 2 covers, Foxy Brown had been called “Jamaica’s Tracy Chapman”. Her version of “Baby Can I Hold You” topped the reggae charts and in 1989 secured a placing on the Billboard Top 100 Black Singles chart.

Neil Diamond covers Tracy Chapman “Baby Can I hold You” – 1988

Neil Diamond, American singer-songwriter recorded a very classical version of “Baby Can I hold You” on his 1989 album, “The Best Years of Our Lives”.


We made a playlist on Youtube with even more covers. Watch it now:

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