Tracy Chapman interview @ Virgin Radio


Tracy Chapman is back in France (and Europe?) this week to promote Our Bright Future. She was interviewed on April 6, 2009 at Virgin Radio in the Bruno Guillon & Camille show(on the photos with Tracy below). Listen to the interview in the Podcasts section


  1. Synne Steinrud on

    I love Tracy Chapman’s voice. I really that she back in Europe again. I saw her November in Copenhagen and goint to her concert in “den Fynske landsby” the 3rd of July and I also to she the 15th of July in Switherland.

  2. I truely adore Tracy’s music, it has been the background of my life since the late eighties (when I graduated from High school) and I have passed that esteem onto my four children. Living here in the states, when will Tracy tour here again? I would love to share such an experience with all of my beauties. Blessings

  3. my tanks for this news,
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    best regads

  4. jose mendes junior on

    i recognize be a Fan of tracy since 1990 of wich i have follow up her the goods times and prizes,and from here i am triyng any away to tranmits the messages of her music to many people in my country because she is the social activist and always worried with injustice and violence… to inform the i have also celebrete the 20 years of carrier with my friens and familis.. good lock and long life to tracy….
    jose mendes junior. jeff guine-bissau