In concert on July 14: Brescia @ Brescia Summer Festival 2009


01. Baby Can I Hold You
02. Change
03. Sing For You
04. All That You Have Is Your Soul
05. You’re The One
06. Save Us All
07. Lean On Me
08. The Promise
09. Fast Car
10. Our Bright Future
11. Crossroads
12. Say Hallelujah
13. America
14. Telling Stories
15. Talkin’ bout A Revolution
16. Give Me One Reason
17. For My Lover
18. Get Up, Stand Up


You’re The One

For My Lover

Lean On Me


All That You Have Is Your Soul

Get Up, Stand Up

Telling Stories



  • Tracy Chapman gets the butterflies, Saturday, 18 July 2009

The famous folk-rock singer/songwriter’s top-grade sound comes across thanks to Outlinearray

Brescia, 14th July 2009 – Piazza della Loggia packed with a warm gratified audience was the perfect setting for the show by Tracy Chapman, the famous US singer/songwriter with a poetic intimate character.

The reproduction of her intense voice, along with her acoustic guitar, the bongos and that combination of warm sounds for which Tracy has been admired for over twenty years, was achieved thanks also to Outline Butterfly: a loudspeaker system that in itself is light-weight and compact (34 kg and 70x60x24cm), but in the case of Piazza della Loggia was made up of just 14+14 Hi-Pack units per side (each equipped with four 8” woofers  and a 3” compression driver).

The bottom end was reproduced by 7+7 Outline Victor Live subs (2×18” – 110x55x60cm and 78 kg) and LAB 21 infra-subs (just two units positioned in the centre): all the cabinets were laid out in a cardioid configuration, to keep the stage clear of excessive low frequencies. Four Outline Micra II enclosures, installed in the edge of the stage, were used as front-fill systems, for the benefit of the front rows of the audience.

Also to ensure the audio chain the utmost efficiency, the amplification of the signals – fed from a Digidesign console – was entrusted to Outline T7 units: these power amplifiers are also ultra-light (12 kg) and compact (each requires just one standard 19” rack unit of space – a feature no other unit on the world market is able to offer).

Cipiesse Produzioni per lo Spettacolo ( – the owner of the Outlinearray system – was the Brescia rental firm handling the entire operation.

Marco Riva, head of Cipiesse and production manager, comments: “The set-up of the equipment necessary for an event of this level was carried out in record time and extremely professionally; but the audio, for which we once again received congratulations from the artist’s (talented) FOH engineer, was particularly worthy of mention.”

Giancarlo Paladini, free-lance system engineer working on behalf of Cipiesse, commented: “What the arrays fed out was so exact that the concert seemed to ‘breathe’ – I mean it was utmost simplicity, harmony and pure listening pleasure. After the first fifteen minutes, such a great entente had been created between Chapman and the audience that it was necessary to remind oneself that there was amplification involved (the rig was also almost invisible to the eye…).

There was a limpid clarity on the mid-high frequencies and warmth on the low ones, which were powerful and solid, full-bodied but also will controlled.

The small number of Hi-Packs fielded didn’t stop us from working with a considerable safety margin, since the rig was running at 50% of its potential. The great resolution in the ‘body’ of the sound gave the (rare) sensation of being almost able to ”touch” the music (it’s hard to explain): rather like being in the warm welcoming lounge of one’s home, acoustically perfect and filled with great music – fed out by a very expensive high-end system…in actual fact, we were in a square 90 metres long and 40 wide, all perfectly covered right to the last rows – no peaks or gaps at any frequency – and with an (undistorted) sound pressure of up to 130 decibels…we think that achieving all these factors all at once isn’t something that happens every day. Careful placement of the subs (with a cardioid configuration) enabled us to keep the stage free of infra-low frequencies – a benefit for the artists and the show itself.”


Venue: Brescia Summer Festival 2009
Tickets: – 36-57,50€  General Admission
Opening Act: Amos Lee

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  1. amazing… simply magic
    thank you, tracy, for the unforgetable emotion you gave us last night in brescia…
    your soul will breath forever in my soul

  2. Wonderful show Tracy, thank you so much for all the emotion and pathos that your music brings to our hearts. It’s a promise that you keep every night on stage.
    This is the setlist for the Brescia gig:

    Baby Can I Hold You
    Sing For You
    All That You Have Is Your Soul
    You’re The One
    Save Us All
    Lean On Me
    The Promise
    Fast Car
    Our Bright Future
    Say Hallelujah
    Telling Stories
    Talkin’ bout A Revolution
    Give Me One Reason
    For My Lover
    Get Up, Stand Up

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