Got a Tracy Chapman Tattoo?

Do you love a Tracy Chapman song or the artist Tracy Chapman enough to get a tattoo? Some have, take a look!

If you have a Tracy Chapman tattoo and want to be featured on this page, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Tracy Chapman’s face tattoo

Some people choose to get Tracy Chapman’s face tattooed. This can be a risky proposition if the tattoo artist isn’t very talented.

Make sure you choose the photo you want on your skin forever, the location of your tattoo, and the size of your tattoo.

As you can see from the examples below, there’s something for everyone!

A tattoo of your favorite Tracy Chapman song

An alternative would be to tattoo a sample of your favorite Tracy Chapman song. It could be a few words, a phrase, or even a whole verse!

Make sure you choose the right font and location for your tattoo. Do you want to be able to read it yourself, or do you want it to be read by others? Do you want it to be visible all the time, or do you want to hide it from others?

For inspiration, take a look at the examples below using the song ‘Fast Car’. Not much of a surprise, is it?


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