What is Tracy Chapman’s email address? How to contact her?

tracy chapman email address

Question: What is Tracy Chapman’s email address? How to contact her? Where to write to Tracy Chapman?

Answer: I’m sorry, I’m not in personal contact with Tracy Chapman, so I don’t have her email address.

You can still try to send a letter to Tracy at this address:
Atlantic Records
Attn: Tracy Chapman
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104

If you have a project about Tracy Chapman or want to ask a question about her, you can still contact me.



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  1. Probably she receives thousands of messages from her fans around the world that she won’t have the time to read this one. If someone can get in touch with Tracy Chapman, please let her know that Ed Fernandez is a big fan, I think that her musical style is unique and she is a great performer. I am a musical and literary translator and I have translated some of her songs into spanish. They sound as good as the original. I would love to have the chance to show her my work. Just imagine Tracy Chapman singing in spanish one of her songs in a concert in any spanish coutry. Thank you, I love you Tracy. Thanks for your art.


  2. i like everything about you tracy . am in zambia. i would like to be in touch every time i feel like. thank you

  3. I wanted to find out if you were still taking letters for the “Dear Tracy” Project.

    I would like to send you a letter if you are still taking them.

    Thank you

  4. Hi my fiancee would really be happy if Tracey chapman would sing at our wedding next may, would there be any chance that could happen. Please get back to me

  5. I wawoundering if Tracy Chapman would like to visit Seattle, for a rally against the war in Libya, it will be a pro-peace rally. Iam a vetran of the armed forces, and soon to re-enlist, and I would like to hold a rally for a revolution against the war. Please write back to me, and it will most likely be supported by wearechange.org, and http://www.infowars.com, thanks for your time!

  6. Tracy,
    Your music has been a wonderful gift to so many of us. You are blessed with a beautiful voice and I thank you for sharing it with us. Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!

    Eva C.

  7. How much Tracy Chapman is still in you?

    Occupy the Wall Street needs help! The media do not take it on.

    Tracy Chapman, a guitar a few bold boxes.

    In the midst of the people.

    The song, like a whisper …

    Since one can not ignore this thing … People who buy your records?

    We the people;)

  8. morning;

    im living in ivoiry coast,didier drogba best england footballeur contry
    so i wanna invited tracy chapman for a concert in the stadium of my conutry because she get s so many fan here
    so i want to be in contact whith her managment office
    my phone number +22508937270

  9. Vous êtes la chanteuse qui a donné un sens à ma vie vos chansons sont depuis que je vous ai découvert en 1988 sont devenues mon pain au quotidien je ne dors pas sans les ecouter

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