Brian Koppelman discusses about discovering Tracy Chapman in WTF


Marc Maron received Brian Koppelman in his podcast WTF on January 29, 2015. For those who are not aware about it, Brian Koppelman is the one who kind of discovered Tracy Chapman while she was still a student, playing in coffeehouses in Boston. After having seen her perform onstage, Brian’s life had never been the same.

Listen to the before and the after of this magic encounter. Maybe without Brian, Tracy would have never make it in the industry. Listen to the complete episode here or on itunes (Episode 572)

Marc Maron WTF Podcast with guest Brian Koppelman


  1. Sherrel Lee Shmitz on

    Good dad Miss Tracy .God blessings always .we want you to know how mush we love you .you live in our hearts you are a symbol to the world Gidding light.have a nice year with happeness ,peace,love & joy one love jah blessings.from your respectfully Sherrel lee *****

  2. Brenda Du Faur on

    YES, a person universally loved and admired. Her songs and being like a candle lit from within, shedding light and rich beauty onto the world and putting a resplendant salve on all of our wounds… the timbers of a charcoal voice nurturing our hurting hearts, blanketing and replenishing our souls…we love you deeply, Tracy Chapman…you are forever in our consciousness and hearts…