In concert on August 07: New York @ Hammerstein Ballroom


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Venue: Hammerstein Ballroom
Opening Act: Gaby Moreno

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  1. memories of my mother’s smiles, I
    can still feel salty tears in my eyes,
    as the last song echoed into the night,
    the promise mending wounds to feel alright,
    that night i could easily rest in peace,
    missing my grandmother, lost to cancer’s disease,
    and my Poppy, that night in NYC,
    the date he passed away, anniversary,

    fast car, she played into the night,
    of course to my mother’s delight,
    i wish you could have seen her face,
    a warm hug, i excitedly embraced,
    knowing that this was our night to bond,
    thirty-three, my film, rivers, waterfalls, the pond,

    talkin’ bout a revolution was also so great,
    knowing the next day, the anniversary of 8888,
    poems prepared for the rally at two,
    inspired by music, inspired by you,
    though my meditations are but humble words,
    i hope someday you’ll see my film, & see the birds,

    tracy, your music means so much to me,
    a special place for us to make peace,
    a boom box and a cd,
    and everything alright for Sheri,
    my mom, she loves your score,
    i still get chills thinking of your encore,
    lyrics that ring true for my sweetheart,
    as i expressed with gratitude from the start,

    Wishing you oceans of love,

    Jeffrey Karl Hellman

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