2005 – Where You Live Tour – December 4, 2005, Paris, Olympia



Set 1:

01. Mountains O’Things
02. Baby Can I Hold You
03. Change
04. For My Lover
05. Don’t Dwell
06. Fast Car
07. Never Yours
08. The Promise
09. Say Hallelujah
10. Talk To You
11. Another Sun
12. America
13. Telling Stories
14. She’s Got Her Ticket
15. Talkin’Bout A Revolution

Encore 1 :
16. Get up Stand Up (w. Cherif Mbaw)
17. Give Me One Reason

Encore 2 :
18. Stand By Me

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  • Baiba from Latvia: I and a friend of mine were waiting for this concert since middle of July, when we purchased the tickets. I was supposed to spend couple of month in France anyway, and my friend planned to fly all the way from Latvia. Tracy seemed worth it… We arrived at Olympia right at 6PM in order to get our tickets and we were one of the first to get in and check out the hall. My heart was hitting hard and I couldn’t believe that THIS moment has come!

The hall filled up slowly, many kept on arriving after Cherif Mbaw started to perform, and I found it disturbing and disrespectful. Mbaw was quite active and seemed to like the French, who sang along most of his songs. By a surprise, he sang only four songs and then was followed by about a 20 minute break, while the stage was set up for Tracy. The crowd was cheering and clapping, asking for Tracy to come out earlier.

In no time the lights went out and here they come – both guys and Tracy in a dark. They start to play “Mountains O’Things”, while the lights come out and screaming crowd warmly invited Tracy in Paris. For the third night in a row!

I can’t review much on the songs, because I was just sitting speechless with a stupid smile on my face and completely lost in the wonderful world of this music. I have to say that the quality of the concert was outstanding, the crowd very loving, which made Tracy smile a lot and expressing shy both Thank You and Merci. Both guys were excellent supporting Tracy and made the best on drums, guitars and piano. Tracy, however, was the best! I have to say, that comparing to the Let It Rain Tour, she seemed happier, relaxed, and gave the most of her.

I was completely floored when she played both Fast Car and The Promise, which are my favorite songs. After the solo of second song, which was very peaceful and strong, came a great change – Say Hallelujah. Later on – America, when Tracy played both drums and a guitar. Very strong performance!
Before the last song she announced that now she is about to play our request, which was made by everyone who entered the hall and made a note. There came “Talkin’ Bout A Revolution” and screaming crowds, which just couldn’t keep in those uncomfortable chairs and just run towards the stage. Tracy seemed to enjoy the support throughout the concert and gave a wonderful energy. People stood up and clapped and sang along. When going off, the room just went crazy and got Tracy and her team back in no time. Then came “Get Up Stand Up” with Cherif Mbaw, which was excellent, later followed by Give Me One Reason both in CD version as well as more rocky one.

Of course, Tracy left us and we managed to call her back. Here came the last masterpiece – Stand By Me. The crowd went crazy, sang along and when Tracy gave us a chance to continue, we just messed up…she smiled and tried to continue, but just burst in a laugh. Couple of minutes of cheering, Tracy’s wonderful smile and thanks and that’s it!

Then we got back on the streets of Paris, trying to find the words to express it, humming parts of songs and realizing that it was totally worth it!

  • Tracy Chapman à l’Olympia > La perle du folk noir – Par Stéphane KOECHLIN, Le Figarosocope, mercredi 30 novembre 2005

Tracy Chapman a une personnalité fascinante, intrigante, qui dépasse de loin le cadre de la chanson, et, de ce fait, a réussi à revenir au premier plan. Quand elle débarque au milieu des années 80 avec son Talking about Revolution, cette jeune chanteuse, née en 1964, à Cleveland, issue d’une banlieue ouvrière noire, éveille alors une certaine sensibilité chez un public lassé du matérialisme. Elle rappelle cette splendide mouvance folk populaire apparue vingt ans plus tôt, celle des Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Dave Van Ronk et bien sûr Bob Dylan, à la différence qu’à l’époque de Tracy le désenchantement est passé par là. Le formidable idéalisme né après la guerre a vécu, les trente glorieuses se sont achevées et le chômage augmente. Malheureusement, Tracy Chapman n’offrira plus de chansons aussi fortes, mais personne n’a oublié cette figure altière, indépendante, armée de sa guitare, à la voix splendide, cette voix dont le tremblement émotif reste la marque de fabrique. Malgré des disques encore beaux (Let it Rain, en 2002, ou le dernier sorti en septembre, Where do you Live ?), elle n’a plus retrouvé sa force d’antan, mais continue de porter un mythe qui se mêle à l’histoire de la musique noire. Le seigneur du blues, Buddy Guy, l’a ainsi invitée, sur son nouvel album, Bring them in, à chanter Ain’t no Sunshine. Comme l’autre chanteuse de folk noir Odetta autrefois, Tracy est une caution presque intemporelle.

FAUT-IL Y ALLER ? Oui, car le retour vers un folk dépouillé et pur nous rapproche de ce que la musique sait produire de mieux.

Olympia : du 2 au 4 déc. à 20 h 30. Prix : 39 à 59 €. Tél. :

VENUE: Olympia, 28 bd Capucines 75009 Paris – France (Capacity: 2 400)
OPENING ACT: Cherif Mbaw

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