2003 – Let It Rain Tour – July 29, Asheville, NC, Thomas Wolfe Auditorium (@ Asheville Civic Center)


  • Sabrina, 08/02/03: It was Tracy’s first time to Asheville she told the audience early into the show. It was also my first time ever seeing Tracy in concert, after being a fan for over 7 years. I caught on a little late… I heard Give Me One Reason for the first time around age 12 when it came out, and now at age 19 she is still my favorite. Seeing her in concert was amazing. I laughed out loud at some of the comments on this site about Tracy and her newest CD, Let It Rain, being so completely mellow. She does mellow wonderfully, but she also knows how to rock out :) Her voice undoubtedly is so much more powerful in person than on any of her recordings. I went with a friend who is also a huge TC fan, and during most of the concert we were dancing atop the balcony area. It was a truly memorable night and I must say her solo back up singer was great. After the concert my friend and I waited for quite a while outside to meet Tracy. She obliged fans with autographs. However, strictly has a ‘no cameras’ rule, which her bodyguard informed me of, so no pictures. She only signs blank pieces of paper, and wouldn’t/couldn’t accept the letters my friend and I had written to her. So her bodyguard handed them back to me. I was very saddened over that. If she could have seen it through my eyes I think she’s write a song about it! However, my friend did get her autograph (on a blank sheet of notebook paper); I don’t care too much about autographs. However, it was nice to see her smile in person. Tracy, if you get to read this, thank you for your music. I understand you have a million cheering fans out there, and it has to be tough being in a different venue with different fans every night. Just please don’t forget about us. We’re the ones who buy your CDs, pay to see you in concert, and let ourselves be touched by your beauty. You’ve inspired me in a lot of ways, including working on publishing my own book of poetry. I’m not expecting miracles… though, hey, I’m not turning them down either. What you get to do for a living, write with your heart and soul and touch people through your words- wow. It’s amazing. It really is, and I know that’s why you keep doing it. When I was younger and first hearing your music for a long time I dreamed of getting the chance to meet you, and who knows, maybe I’ll really get to some day. In any case, thank you again. Your work is lovely and you rock. Love, Sabrina

VENUE: Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, 87 Haywood RD, Asheville, NC 28801 – USA (Capacity: 2 400)
OPENING ACT: Joseph Arthur

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