2003 – Let It Rain Tour – June 27, Santa Fe, NM, Paolo Soleri


Set 1:
01. Say Hallelujah
02. Why?
03. Let it Rain
04. Smoke And Ashes
05. Crossroads
06. Baby Can I Hold You
07. The Promise
08. Happy
09. Fast Car
10. Another Sun
11. Talkin’ bout A Revolution
12. You’re The One
13. She’s Got Her Ticket
14. Telling Stories
15. Give Me One Reason

Encore 1:

16. Will the Circle Be Unbroken (w/ eastmountainsouth)
17. Hound Dog

Setlist submitted by: Bobbi Page


  • Tracy Chapman Keeps Her Career Running Smoothly – By Kevin Hopper, ABQJournal, Friday, June 27, 2003

In 1988, seemingly out of nowhere, the unassuming Tracy Chapman took the pop music world by storm with a quiet, plaintive voice and a solitary acoustic guitar. Not since James Taylor in the early ’70s had a singer/songwriter caused such a stir in an industry dominated by electric instruments and fashionable gimmicks.

Her eponymous 1988 debut, and most notably the hit single “Fast Car,” quickly gained the Cleveland native worldwide fame, four Grammy Awards (one for Best New Artist) and ushered in a new era of folk music that still continues to this day.

But sales of subsequent albums proved less successful and Chapman has settled comfortably into cult status. Creatively and lyrically, she remains as vital as ever. Notable songs such as “Give Me One Reason,” from her 1995 comeback record “New Beginning” (which yielded a Top 10 hit in the United States) showed that Chapman still had a knack for saying a lot with sparse but intricate guitar work and hushed vocals.

Though she has never regained the commercial viability that she did in 1988, artistically she has continued to challenge herself and produce songs that are calming and cathartic to her numerous fans.

Chapman also is as publicity-shy as she has ever been and plans on doing no interviews for her current tour in support of her latest recording “Let It Rain.” Her sixth studio album, “Let It Rain” is yet another quietly provocative album that creeps in slowly and burns for much longer than the length of the recording.

For it, Chapman has recruited a stable of studio journeymen including drummer Joey Waronker, bassist Andy Stoller and guitarists Joe Gore, Steve Hunter and Greg Leisz. Gore, who has done work with both Tom Waits and PJ Harvey, will accompany Chapman tonight as she performs in the intimate setting of the Paolo Soleri in Santa Fe. The show opener is Americana act eastmountainsouth.

In addition to Chapman’s North American tour, she recently returned from Europe where her loyal fanbase rivals that of hers at home. European press for the tour showered the artist — now in the 15th year of her career — with much praise. “She’s lost none of her integrity or emotional honesty,” said the British magazine Uncut. In its review of her show at Royal Albert Hall, the Times of London said that Chapman’s new material was “one of (her) best collections yet, a point which she underlined with cool authority at this concert.”

Tracy Chapman
WHEN: 7:30 tonight
WHERE: Paolo Soleri, Santa Fe Indian School, 1501 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe
HOW MUCH: $45, $35. Tickets available through Ticketmaster, 883-7800, or at www.ticketmaster.com


(7.30 pm) The sun began setting, dimming the light in the amphitheatre as eastmountainsouth took the stage, Peter carrying in a cup of tea, Kat walking barefoot over to the mic, Quinn quietly occupying the back center stage behind a drum set. I am not familiar with their music however they mentioned the name of the last song, which in my opinion was the best… Rain come down, a haunting, lyrical song, with a driving beat–which they offered to our rain deprived state. My boyfriend spotted then pointed out Tracy peaking down at the audience from the left upper section of the theatre (no one apparently saw her since she was behind a stucco wall). The audience enthusiastically applauded as eastmountainsouth left the stage–prompting Kat to comment that they would definitely return to New Mexico.

(8.10 pm) The roadies began setting up for Tracy, removing eastmountainsouth’s equipment and bringing more of the bands equipment onstage–several guitars–acoustic and electric for Tracy (she switched at almost every song). The audience filled in the front of the theatre. At one point, Kat and Peter joined the audience to watch Tracy.

(8.34 pm) The band members–the backup singer, congo drummer, cellist, bass guitarist, drummist, keyboardist, walked onto the stage which is a sunken center of a pueblo style classically designed amphitheatre which preserves sound clarity. Then part of the left audience started screaming as they caught a glimpse of Tracy as she, almost shyly, walked into the theatre from the right ramp. Wearing a black blouse and Levi’s–she immediately grabbed an acoustic guitar and began singing Say Hallelujah as the audience burst into a high frequency round of screams and applause. The audience hushed as she sang Why. After finishing Why, Tracy commented on how nice it was to be in Santa Fe, and that she was saying that not to just “butter” us up, but that it was so hot in Phoenix the previous day and they had arrived in Santa Fe in the morning and the weather was perfect. She then mentioned that the next song (Let it Rain) was about the bad and the good things that happen in life and that we cannot change that they happen, but we can remain hopeful for the future. As she started Smoke and Ashes, the applause grew wild. It seemed everyone knew the words and began to sing along, clap along, and during the last segment, sway with music. Tracy continued with Crossroads and Baby can I hold you, each song bringing more applause and more screams from the audience. During The Promise, as Tracy’s voice quieted and the melody filled the theatre, I witnessed audience members crying and hugging.

Before singing Happy, Tracy remarked that some people believe the song to be autobiographical, although it was written about a friend (however, Tracy didn’t seem convincing and the audience didn’t seem to believe her-causing many to chuckle). As the first few chords of Fast Car begun the audience again showed their devotion and the applause went off scale. Another Sun began with an almost dreamy like light and keyboard background. Many stood up to dance and chant when Tracy sang Talkin’ About Revolution. Afterwards, Tracy stated that the way to change the world peacefully is to vote and Rock the Vote was in the arena area. She then introduced the band and added in the “special guest” cricket, who apparently wandered in and was audible during the quiet moments. Tracy continued with Your the One, She’s got her ticket, and Telling Stories, again each song getting more and more applause and more of the audience singing and dancing. When the first chords of Give me one reason began, the audience (which I thought couldn’t get any louder) went crazy. First Tracy did the standard version, paused, and continued with an extended jam version–which was faster and louder. As she finished, the entire audience went crazy, she said goodnight, and quickly exited stage right. As to be expected the crowd chanted her name and clapped, some stomping in the upper levels, and after about two minutes she walked back on stage and sang Will the Circle be unbroken (a Nitty Gritty Dirt Band cover) with eastmountainsouth . Peter and Kat were at the mic’s while Quinn was with the congo drummer knocking about the tambourine. The version was soulful and definitely southern, almost gospel. The crowd showed their pleasure with the song as Tracy again said goodnight. However, the lights did not brighten, encouraging everyone to chant her name and clap, only to be rewarded when the band walked back on stage to do a much better and extended version of Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog (lyrics follow). Tracy eschewed the guitar, opting for a long corded mic–hopping around and seriously jamming blues style. Everyone was on their feet clapping, screaming, the excitement only to be climaxed when Tracy ended with a big jump at the end. She then waved goodnight (as did the band members), she walked offstage, the lights brightened, and the crowd dispersed. As we left the theatre, I heard many commenting on how awesome Tracy was. (10.15 pm).

The Set List:
Say Hallelujah (Let it Rain, 2002)
Why (Tracy Chapman, 1988)
Let It Rain (Let it Rain, 2002)
Smoke And Ashes (New Beginning, 1995)
Crossroads (Crossroads, 1989)
Baby Can I Hold You (Tracy Chapman, 1988)
The Promise (New Beginning, 1995)
Happy (Let it Rain, 2002)
Fast Car (Tracy Chapman, 1988)
Another Sun (Let it Rain, 2002)
Talkin’bout A Revolution (Tracy Chapman, 1988)
You’re The One (Let it Rain, 2002)
She’s Hot Her Ticket (Tracy Chapman, 1988)
Telling Stories (Telling Stories, 2000)
Give Me One Reason (New Beginning, 1995) *extended jam
Will the Circle be Unbroken with eastmountainsouth (Nitty Gritty Dirt Bandcover)
Hound Dog (Elvis Presley cover)


I was Standin’ by my window,
On one cold and cloudy day.
When I saw That Hearse come rollin’,
For to carry my Mother away

Will The Circle Be Unbroken, by and by Lord, by and by
There’s a better, home awaitin’, in the sky, Lord, in The sky

I said to that undertaker,
“Undertaker,please drive slow…..
For this lady you are carrying,
Lord I hate to see her go.”


Oh I’d follow close behind her,
Tried to hold up and be brave,
But I could not hide my sorrow
When they laid her in the grave.


I went back home, but home was lonesome,
This my mother she was gone
All my brothers, and sisters cryin’
What a home so sad and ‘lone


We sang the songs of childhood,
Hymns of faith that made us strong
Ones that mother way back taught us
And the angels sang along.

Final Chorus
Will The Circle Be Unbroken, by and by Lord, by and by
There’s a better, home awaitin’, in the sky, Lord, in The sky
Will The Circle Be Unbroken, by and by Lord, by and by
There’s a better, home awaitin’, in the sky, Lord, in The sky

HOUND DOG Lyrics (Big Mama Thornton’s version)

You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
Been snoopin’ ’round my door
You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
Been snoopin’ ’round my door
You can wag your tail
But I ain’t gon’ feed you no more

You told me you was high classed
But I could see through that
Yes you told me you was high classed
But I could see through that
And daddy I know
You ain’t no real cool cat

You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
Been snoopin’ ’round my door
You’re just a old hound dog
Been snoopin’ ’round my door
You can wag your tail
But I ain’t gon’ feed you no more

You made me feel so blue
You made me weep and moan
You made me feel so blue
Babe, you made me weep and moan
‘Cause you ain’t lookin’ for a woman
All you’re lookin’ is for a home

You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog
Been snoopin’ ’round my door
You ain’t nothin’ but an old hound dog
Been snoopin’ ’round my door
You wag your tail
But I ain’t gon’ feed you no more

VENUE: Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre, 1501 Cerrilos RD, Santa Fe, NM 87501 – USA (Capacity: 5000)
PROMOTER: Clear Channel Entertainment
OPENING ACT: EastMountainSouth

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