Tracy Chapman talks about Jimi Hendrix


Jimi Hendrix died 40 years ago tomorrow September 18 2010, The San Diego Union Tribune asked some famous artists to say what he still means to them, Tracy Chapman answered:  “It’s a given that Hendrix was a very talented guitarist. He was doing his own thing, instead of what was expected of black musicians at the time. Having listened to his records for a long time, I have a great appreciation for his technique and innovation.”

Source : The San Diego Union Tribune


  1. Its nice to know that Tracy is sharing her thoughts on Jimi Hendrix she is an amazing artist who I love and respect a lot. Still I would like to know what she is doing right now as far as music and we need more tweets from her

  2. Tracy i have noting to say about u are the best but what was u last album realize and i know and i have 8 albums of u including of Tracy chpman collection but i don’t now how many albums u have can i get yje number and thanx for the rest God Bless u.