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Dear Tracy, 101 letters to Tracy Chapman book is now an ebook!

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The Story of the Book

As the webmaster of this website, I receive lots of emails of people from all over the world wanting to write to Tracy Chapman for one or another reason. Being unable to give them Tracy’s personal email address, I had the idea of requesting everyone wanting to tell something to Tracy to write her a letter.

It gave “Dear Tracy”: music listeners took the opportunity to speak their heart and story to the musician who received a copy of the book. Assuming that those touched by Tracy’s music could be interested in reading other touching stories, this book is also for sale for anyone.  As if it was still to do, it demonstrates how much the artist and her music can interact with people’s life.

You submitted a letter and want to know if your letter was published? Check the list of all the published authors

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Order your copy of “Dear Tracy” now


If you also want to write a letter to Tracy Chapman in the hope that a second volume would be published (no promise, it’d only depend on the number of submissions), feel free to submit your letter below:


  • NOT LESS THAN 300 WORDS, one letter should stand in at least one page
  • Please understand that ALL LETTERS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED but a selection of the most moving, interesting, original will be kept for the final book.


Please field this form to submit your letter, insert Dear Tracy in the “Subject” field be sure to add those ones with your message:
+ Country, City
+ Age



  • You accept that those personal words and infos may be published.
  • All fields must be filled, or your letter won’t be published (you can ask for your email to be left unpublished in the book).
  • You’ll receive an email letting you know if your letter has been chosen to appear in the book and when/where it’s going to be on sale online.


  1. thank you aurelie!!!!!!! i buy the book :D <3
    hope part II will follow!

    love ur idea!

  2. Kathy Thompson Walls on

    So proud of you, (for many years now)! Do you remember the Ohio Youth Conservation Corps at Kent State? If I can remember, it was the summer of 1979. I will forever be amazed by your talent. I so enjoyed the camp fires and radiance of your beautiful voice and guitar.
    Kathy Thompson Walls

  3. Hi Tracy,

    I saw you in LAX yesterday, and wanted to say hello to you, but was too shy to approach you. Just wanted to say I love your music, and I hope you will be on tour soon! NYC awaits your return!

    Be well.

  4. Stephanie Abdul on

    Hello Tracy:
    I hope that you are doing well. I am one of your greatest fnns. I think it is about time that you make a come back. I miss hearing you sing and I think you are one in a million. Lots of love.

  5. Tracy,
    I really would need to talk to you, please.
    It’s about love. I’m afraid of losing my little princess and you could save us. Our relationship started in February 2006 thanks to your song “The promise”. We were at your gig in Dublin on 12th December 2008.
    If I could get a chance to tell you the full story I know you would help me.

    This is absolutely no joke.
    If somebody can put me in touch with her I’ll give whatever it takes.

  6. nadine yael guery on

    Tracy, i am a lesser talented then you singer songwriter and have been a big fan for over a decade. What moves me in your music is your voice and the emotions in it. also You radiate so much love, like an angle. I am the same astrological sign as you and i expect that if i may sing backgroundvocals to your singing it will sound fabulous. i request you to email me in response to my wish. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. By the way I am jewish and I was born in Israel

  7. Joel Krestinski on

    Hi Tracy! Your music and words carried me through some tough years, long before I knew who you were or much about life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to see you in concert some day.

  8. hi!!! I´m from Peru so I love it your songs it´s so lovely…so sorry you know I speak spanish this is the reason ´cause my english is very bad!!! well take care go on you are big!!!

  9. We are having an Ohio Idol contest that just started and we would like to see if Tracy would like to be a judge for the Finale. Her commitment would only be for 3 to 4 hours and with her Ohio roots she seems to be a great fit. Please give me a current email address or phone number or have her contact me. Thank You, Steve Wise 740-398-9573 or swise@ohio-idol.com.. http://www.ohio-idol.com

  10. For me, as a a listener in general and as your fun in particular, music means a lot…..Its not exaggeration to say that you are “precious gift of God ” to this world. Thanks for everything…indeed thanks for helping me in shaping my life! Wish u all the best.

  11. My dear Tracy, I have been your fan for over 18yrs. I am a cameroonian, at the age of 14, i was staging your music live, no play back. i have always wanted to sing like you.
    To me, you are the best in the world. Iam now 32yrs with two lovely kids. am a single mother.
    Each time i watch you on screen, i have tears in my eyes. The words you use, the way you sing, your voice etc all about you move me that i cant even control myself not to move to tears, ofcourse they are tears of joy and pain at sametime.
    its joy just see you for if i was sad just hearing you brings back my peace. Then the pain i get is that i never have the opotunity to be the singer i wanded to be.
    Tracy, i love you with all my soule and thanks for being there.I wish all the best this 2012. Tiba

  12. Tracy,am really inspired by ur songs.Just wanna say keep giving us ur best cos i know u’ve got more to offer to the world.Jesus loves U.

  13. Debra Johnson on

    Tracy I miss your music and am looking forward to your next project. I have been a fan since your first tour. That was the first and only tour I screamed so much I woke with a sore and horse throat the next day. I was in love with you.

  14. ester rodriguez on

    me gustara cantar un tema tuyo en español en un concurso aqui en agentina si me lo permites seria maravilloso soy cantante no reconocid a aun y me agrada tu musica desde ya muchas gracias y mis cordiales saludos

  15. ester rodriguez on

    hay un tema muy bonito que se titula baby can i hold you y lo estoy practicando poara presentarme en un concuso aqu en mi pais y me gustaria cantarlo en español solo nesesito saber s me apruebas cantarlo y obiar algunas palabras desde ya muchas gracias y saludos desde argentina

  16. Dear Tracy! My name is GunBritt and I am a 62 year old woman from Sweden. Your music has inspired me from the moment I heard you the first time wich must have been in the early 1990. Whenever I felt blue you where my way up. Thank You so much for beeing my inspiraton.
    With lots of love your GunBritt

  17. Hi Tracy .LOve your music its been over a decade now since i have been listening to your music,its original,with a meaning…it speaks to me,it inspires me.thank you tracy

  18. Tracy you remind me of a current Bob Dylan. I love your music so much. You are truly one of the most talented people on this Earth!

  19. Dear Tracy,
    you’re the amazing people, your songs make me want to life, thank you for that very much ” It is cold
    It is cold
    I’ve had the feeling
    At the heart and in the core
    The roots of all things
    But there’s a bud there’s a bulb
    It will be blooming” Thank you..