In concert on June 24: London @ Roundhouse



1. Sing For You
2. Telling Stories
3. Baby Can I Hold You
4. Something To See
5. Change
6. Another Sun
7. Spring
8. Save Us All
9. Money (Thats what I want)
10. I Did It All
11. Crossroads
12. Fast Car
13. Our Bright Future
14. She’s Got her Ticket
15. Talkin’ Bout A Revoloution
16. Give Me One Reason

17. For My Lover
18. The Promise


Telling Stories


Fast Car



  • Tracy Chapman *** Reviewed at The Roundhouse, Camden, London, 24 June. – By Brodie Govan, Pink Paper Magazine, 25 June 2009

The middle-aged mafia descended on youthful Camden town last night to see one of America’s finest singer-songwriters take her audience on a soulful journey down memory lane.

Celebrating over 20 years in the industry, Chapman emerged to a rapturous Roundhouse welcome, before embarking on her emotional back catalogue of hits with love, defiance, anger and protest at the heart of her set. Talking about a Revolution, Fast Car and The Promise finally managed to stir a fairly tepid crowd that offered little in the way of swaying  – never mind dancing – although they could be forgiven for offering little during songs from her latest, slightly Christian-driven, album, Our Bright Future, which took everyone down the redemption route for one hail Mary too many.

That said, at a time when the market is oversaturated with the reforming of overrated bands from the 80s, Chapman sounds as poetic and edgy as ever and provided a timely reminder that the decade produced more than just big hair, big shoulder pads and big egos.

Hallelujah Ms Chapman.



Venue : Roundouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1, United Kingdom.
Tickets: – £35



  1. Setlist for the 24th at Roundhouse.

    1. Sing to you.
    2. Telling stories.
    3. Baby, can I hold you.
    4. Somthing to see.
    5. Change.
    6. Another Sun.
    7. Spring.
    8. Save Us All.
    9. Money (Thats what I want)
    10. I did it all.
    11. Crosroads.
    12. Fast Car.
    13. Our Bright Future
    14. Shes Got her Ticket.
    15. Talkin bout a Revoloution
    16. Give me one reason.
    17. For my Lover
    18. The Promise.

  2. Hey everyone. I had a fantastic time at the concert (June 24th) last night and I thought I would share a bit of info with you.

    The Roundhouse was like a fortress so no chance to meet Tracy this time. I was angry because we were at the front of the queue to go into the standing area and a stewart told us we had the wrong ticket, when we didn’t! So we missed our space. We demanded that the woman take us to our friend who was futher forward but then I had trouble with a REALLY big man in front of me.

    But anyway all negativity aside, I am greatful for the chance to see the concert…
    Here is the set list:
    1. Sing For You – Works perfectly as an opener
    2. Telling Stories – Well this gave me hope that the setlist will be exciting.
    3. Baby Can I Hold You
    4. Something To See
    5. Change :D
    6. Another Sun – A Favorite of mine from the Let It Rain album, Tracy sat on her percussion box and sang beautifully. A Highlight for me!
    7. Spring – Nice Suprise, I’m never too sure about the LP recording but I enjoyed this alot!
    8. Save Us All – Recieved a great reception.
    9. Money (Thats what I want)
    10. I Did It All – Tracy gave us an explination about the song and suggested an old woman in lingere! GROSS!
    11. Crossroads – Yay another album track that isn’t on TC or OBF
    12. Fast Car
    13. Our Bright Future
    14. She’s Got her Ticket
    15. Talkin’ Bout A Revoloution
    16. Give Me One Reason
    // Give Me One Reason (Rocking Reprise) :D

    17. For My Lover
    18. The Promise – Still a timeless classic which should have been a UK hit imo, great song to finish with.

    A great show In London, Tracy thanked us for the weather and explained that yesterday (Tue 23rd June) she had a day out in Hyde Park. (Missed Opportunity, if only we were phsycic!).

    I love the entire concert and it was refreshing to see people of all types and ages come to see Tracy, straight couples, Male and Female gay couples, friends young and old, black and white! I did miss the sheer amount of Lesbian’s you get at her Manchester shows though! We made some good friends back in December. And no woop in “Pat me down and undress me” in I Did It All. :(

    I had the pleasure of meeting a long time online friend and Tracy Chapman fan, Ben! Who has been posting on the forums for years now. This was great.

    The “Money” cover and the “Give Me One Reason” reprise proved to me Tracy’s voice can do loud and powerful just as well as the slow and soothing! So for the next album please please please get angry.

  3. There were many things I didn’t expect as I turned up at the Tracy Chapman concert last night…

    1) The queue: One man muttered my own guilty inner thought as he looked at the queue which wrapped itself around The Roundhouse and said to his girlfriend “God I didn’t think anyone would come to this.” How wrong we were. Which leads me onto…

    2) The crowd: Not quite the mix I was expecting. Obviously there were the small percentage of people where you do a double take because you think it’s actually Tracy Chapman before realising it’s just a super-fan with dreads (men and women!) Then there was the average boys and girls, men and women of all ages dressed up for a nice night out (I’d like to include myself in that, and I will, ignoring the “dressed up” and the “average” bit – who wants to be average?!), but it was the large percentage who looked like they’d got lost while following the signs for Summer Solstice that surprised me. They rocked up clad in knitted jumpers, with shaved heads (except for one dread) and, obviously, Crocs. Really? Are you sure you’re here on the right night? Tribal dancing is next week… And then there were the men in suits (blatantly just on the pull) and the football hooligans. Which brings me to…

    3) The Men: Maybe it’s because she has the word ‘man’ in her name it makes big, grown men more fitted to the side of a football pitch feel comfortable enough to show up and lose all inhibitions along with their manliness. Chants of “we love you Tracy” from stocky men with 3 day stubble, a skin head and a baseball cap was not what I expected. The only thing that would have surprised me more would be the same men belting out “my heart will go on” at a Celine Dion concert. It wasn’t just the singing and chanting either. I could have coped with the bad harmonies and out of time clapping by beefy boys if it wasn’t for…

    4) The Dancing: You’re witnessing some of the most beautiful songs ever written by a woman with one of the greatest voices ever heard. Songs about faith, love, not giving up on your dreams, staying positive when life tries to get you down… I know, I’ll pretend I’m at a trance festival and I’ve taken a combination of Ecstasy and vodka, I’ll act like my legs aren’t attached to my body and my arms have a life of their own and I’ll just shake my funky stuff… that should fit in well with Fast Car. Oh and now there’s a nice, soft drum beat so excuse me while I break dance. Or better still, I’ll keep my whole body completely rigid while my boyfriend rubs my back in a sickeningly gentle manner, but I’ll wobble my entire head about like it’s just fallen off my neck and is hanging on by a string. That’ll look good… Aaah but who am I to judge… With my entire upper body rigid but my legs going like they’re made of jelly I can’t really talk, can I? Besides none of that mattered anyway because…

    5) She blew me away: I knew she’d be good. It’s Tracy Chapman – living legend. However, I was slightly concerned she’d just play her new album and refuse to perform any of the old classics. I was ecstatic to be proved wrong. She did play her new album, which is fine because it’s brilliant, but she also played nearly the entire Tracy Chapman – Collection album which had the whole crowd shouting, chanting, dancing and singing for two hours solid. If the touts outside The Roundhouse weren’t quite so aggressive (and I didn’t have a gig) I’d get another ticket and go back tonight. Instead, I’m going to be grateful for the fact I’ve seen her at all and will obsessively listen to her music on my iPod instead. I recommend anyone else to go along tonight because it’s a night you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

    Oh… and if anyone going tonight finds my left nipple, which I fear was knocked off by some girl doing a dance I can only describe as ‘propellor arms’ to ‘She’s Got a Ticket’ could you please return it…


    Tessa Chapman

  4. Aoife O'Sullivan on

    Tracy was fantastic. It was my first time seeing her live and it is definitely one of the best gigs I’ve been at.

  5. Wonderful night. Sound quality in that venue seemed excellent to me. Good views, good crowd and relaxed yet powerful set.

  6. Tessa Bickers had a problem with the men at the show? #douchebag

    Loved this show and just googled it 6 years later in the hope of revisiting those memories. Was fortunate to get TCs very own water bottle after the show!