In concert on August 15: Minneapolis @ O’Shaughnessy


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Venue: O’Shaughnessy
Opening Act: Gaby Moreno


  1. Jason Markijohn on

    Concert Review for Minneapolis/St. Paul stop at the O’Shaughnessy theater.

    Since Tracy was not playing my town (Denver, CO), my partner and I decided to fly to the Twin Cities for our first Tracy show. I am learning in life that if you want something…go get it! We went specifically for the show, but did some quick site seeing along the way.
    First the people of Minnesota are interesting and VERY NICE!! To the people of the area, thank you for being groovy!!
    Now on to the show…I knew Tracy and the band would be good, but it was the best show I have ever seen for the music genre. Simply breathtaking and amazing! I do not think that words can desribe how elated I felt during that show.
    The band performed a great rendition of Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. The highlights of the evening were the performances of ‘Save us All’ and ‘The Promise’. SUA was a very upbeat jammy hootenanny! It had a different vibe than the recording…in a very positive and rejoicing kind of way. ‘The Promise’…I will remember that for the rest of my life. There are not many songs that can bring a tear to my eye, but that one on that night did. Everything about that few minutes…perfection.
    Every song, every drum beat, every lyric, every guitar chord, every strick of the organ/piano was simply amazing.
    I can’t that Tracy and the band enough for giving us, the audience, the performance of a lifetime. I will never forget that show and the amazing feeling that it gave me.
    Thank you Tracy for the gift of your songs and your music.

  2. tara rinehart on

    i have to ditto that last comment. i have never been to very many concerts in my lifetime. one, because i was so very handicapped by my weight. that said, i’ve changed my life, and tracy’s music has been there along the way. her music speaks to me in so many ways. what a gift to the world she is! the promise was so pure and imperfect as the rest of her songs, but is one that i’m so greatful that she included in her concert in st. paul. i hope that she will come again…what a treat! thanks tracy!

  3. Seth Potter on

    My girlfriend and I agree. That was one of the greatest concerts we’ve seen.

    I do have a question as well. Who opened for Tracy? She was great as well, but I can’t remember her name. Could someone help me out on that?