Our Bright Future sales: more than 100,000 copies sold in France


It’s a real success for Tracy Chapman in France: her 8th album Our Bright Future has already sold more than 100,000 copies in France. The single Sing For You is on heavy rotation on many french radio stations and the music video is heavyly airplayed on TV as well. France stands for Tracy Chapman!


  1. I’m happy for France. Are we or are we not having Tracy Chapman concerts in the US in 2009? Will there be or not be a US Tracy Chapman tour? That is the question

  2. I’m proud of France !! I can watch the Sing For You music video many times a day on our music channels, and I’m sure she’s going to sell a lot more copies of this album. Aurelie do you know how many copies sold for the other albums in France.. yep, I’m sure you can tell us… ;D

  3. @Val: Unfortunately I don’t have them all, only for some:

    – Debut album: 1 400 000
    – Crossroads :600 000
    – Matters Of The Heart : ?
    – New Beginning : 150 000
    – Telling Stories : ?
    – Collection : ?
    – Let It Rain : 300 000
    – Where You Live : 100 000
    – Our Bright Future : 115 000

    I’m currently working on a page to gather the infos we have per album and per country!

  4. Well me too I’m surprised that Tracy is in the French top10, despite all the local & international new releases !! & always thanks to the same “old” single Sing for You !!

    If she decides to release another two singles, even less successful ones, I do expect her to go for Platine in France.

    I’m just very happy to have seen her twice in Paris. That was a long time dream… ever since I met “Let it Rain” (the album…)