2006 – Where You Live Tour – June 18, Oslo, Sentrum


Set 1:
01. Say Hallelujah
02. Mountains O’ Things
03. New Beginning
04. Never Yours
05. The Promise > Save a place for me
06. Talk To You
07. Subcity
08. Paper And Ink
09. Telling Stories
10. Another Sun
11. Fast Car
12. Talkin’Bout A Revolution
13. Change
14. Give Me One Reason
15. America

Encore 1:
16. Get Up Stand Up
17. Baby Can I Hold You


Setlist & ticket submitted by Aurélie M.


  • Susan ; TRACY’S WHERE YOU LIVE TOUR- 18th June 2006 Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway

(her 20th anniversary tour)

The venue, Sentrum Scene, used to be an old movie theatre, which was converted into a concert and movie festival hall. Upstairs there were seats in the gallery, but farther back, downstairs it was only standing room, on a stair step floor, so that at least those farther back could be higher up. I stood on the first of the stair step sections, bars in front of me and I had brought a 3-legged folding stool, for which I was glad. The only others who seemed to have one like that was the people right in front of us!!

Ben Taylor, son of Carly Simon and James Taylor, opened for Tracy. His voice was smooth and he hit both high and low notes just as his father and Uncle Livingston, his style much the same. I have seen both in concert, Livingston since I was in high school, 1978 or 79, and several times in college. It was Ben alone, with guitar, and he struggled a bit with the talking in the crowd competing with his playing, requesting those in the back to please lower their voices on two occasions. It was very enjoyable and many in the crowd did listen intently, Ben helping us with his comedic sense, singing among other things- about a crush the singer has for a girl, but he likes the girl’s boyfriend so much that he can’t do anything about the situation. Later on he realizes what nice eyes the boyfriend has, what nice hair, my goodness- it is the boyfriend he really likes! hehe He said his CD was available at the merchandising counter next to Tracy’s and that he is told that his music sounds better with his signature on it, I assume those cost more ;-) He also dedicated a song to Tracy, and said that for those who hadn’t seen and heard her in person before had a fantastic treat ahead of them, that she is a very special person.

After a break we were treated to Tracy herself!!! I felt overwhelmed, was just about to cry tears of joy, but held myself together. I had seen her in March 2003 during a depression and I felt a combination of joy and numbness at that time. Now I felt only pure unfiltered joy and gratitude for being able to come. I wore my shirt from that last concert, pure black tee with the words Say Hallelujah from one of her songs, and that was exactly what she started her set with. I knew most of the lyrics of her entire set, and sang along the whole time, moving in time and occasionally clapping. The others were enthusiastic, but perhaps it took a beer before they were loose enough to really move to the beat (Norwegian Inherited Stiffness Syndrome ;-)).

Her sound was clearer, crisper, more energetic, more true to the CD’s than I remembered from last time.

When she spoke I was enamored, and have since decided that I wouldn’t mind being stranded on a deserted island with her ;-) (Having tested her level of consciousness on Dr. David Hawkins map she is up in the 500’s, which is at the level of Love, so that radiance is not in my imagination).

She said she had only formerly come to Norway when it was very cold and that she didn’t realize it could get this hot here (it really was hot and humid even at night!), but that she liked it (I thought she was maybe trying not to insult us, but when I read the reports at the Yahoo club site of the outdoor concert in UK where her hands were so cold she had to stop during The Promise and get some warmth back in her hands before she could continue- that gave me a different perspective). Also that so far on the tour they would arrive somewhere and it would be nice, but by the next day it would rain and be miserable. She thought that now that it was the next day and it was still hot and beautiful that “the curse had lifted.” She also commented that it never seemed to get dark, how do people sleep? “Do you ever sleep?” she asked the audience with a resounding “NOOO” from the entire audience, followed by laughter!

Later she also introduced the old song Sub City by saying she had written it long ago probably when Ronald Reagan was in office. She thought at that time that it couldn’t get worse, she said. (Pause.) But- (pause)- as we know—-(pause)—-it did! (more laughter) She commented that looking back Reagan seems so benign. Sub City speaks of standing in welfare lines and trying to get jobs.

Many of Tracy’s songs are about social injustice or the darker sadder sides of society, such as abuse within the home, dreams of running away from a struggling lifestyle, dreaming of “Mountains of Things” which she also sang. Her later songs seem mellower, less revolutionary, more personal and reflective perhaps.

There were several songs, especially part way through and onward (when the audience was warmed well up) when everyone was singing along, loudly, at this point I sang even louder myself. At one point the lighters came out creating an audience of starlight.

She played The Promise for us in Oslo as well (my favorite) and at the first notes of that this is what happened: Before I had even consciously identified which song it was I got a strong tingling in my finger tips, that ran up my fingers, up my arms, down my spine and into my legs!!!! It was crazy and intense. She sang it yet more passionately than in 2003)- it was crisp and clear, only her and her keyboardist Kiki and vocals, and the playing was brilliant!! People were hardly able to control themselves anymore so they began to whistle and clap and do stuff IN the song out of sheer exuberance!!!

There was one other song where I had some of the tingling and it was Fast Car- during the chorus the ENTIRE crowd started singing really loudly along with her. This happened over and over (she tends to sing LOTS of repeat choruses and theme words, even more in concert than on the albums). They did that on another song as well- Revolution I think. I also spied some of my neighbors there- a leftist politician, his wife an African nurse.

By the end the people were totally WILD- everyone was clapping, singing, dancing, moving, someone shouted WE LOVE YOU TRACY!!!! and I echoed the sentiment.

Songs there were included in her set, not in this order, and some I am unsure of (I play them often enough that in the end I became unsure if I had heard all of these that evening or had just sung them so often at home!!)

Say Hallelujah
Mountains O’ Things
New Beginning
Never Yours
The Promise > Save a place for me (extraordinary! audience exuberant!)
Talk To You
Subcity (with harmonica on a support)
Paper And Ink (Tracy on a strumstick! fantastic)
Telling Stories
Another Sun
Fast Car
Talkin’Bout A Revolution
Give Me One Reason
America (Tracy on drums!)
Get Up Stand Up (same as in 2003!)
Baby Can I Hold You (with audience helping)

The Band:

  • Tracy Chapman: various guitars, vocals, harmonica, worldstick strumstick, drums
  • Kikki Ebsen: keyboard, a kind of squeezebox instrument, vocals,accordian
  • Quinn: drums and percussion
  • Joe Gore: bass, slide


PS I did get a Where You Live t-shirt at the last moment, all black with her face in a graphic white, and tour dates and cities on the back.


  • By http://www.sentrumscene.no

Tracy Chapman som ble født i Cleveland, Ohio i 1964 feirer i disse dager 20-års jubileum som en av verdens mest prisvinnende artister.
Hun ga ut sin første single allerede som 22 åring og som 23 åring ga hun ut sitt debutalbum og med låta ”Fast Car” toppet hun for første gang UK Charts. Låtene ”Talking ’Bout A Revolution” og ”Baby Can I Hold You” herjet også listene i 1988 og hun solgte over 6 millioner av sitt debut album bare i USA.

I 1989 vant hun både pris i American Music Awards, Brit Awards og også en Grammy for Beste Nye artist.

Siden hun startet sin karriere er det blitt 8 album, hvorav 1 Best Of Album.

Hennes seneste album ”Where You Live” kom ut i 2005 og i forbindelse med dette albumet turnèrte hun i Europa ifjor.

Nå får andre Europeiske byer mulighet til å ønske henne velkommen når hun legger ut på en liten sommerturnè i Europa i 2006.

Vi får som sagt besøk av henne på SENTRUM SCENE søndag 18. juni.

Sist gang hun gjestet Norge var i Oslo Konserthus i mars 2003.
Billettene til den konserten ble revet bort på i overkant av 2 timer !!!

Vi regner med at billettene til Sentrum Scene vil bli raskt revet bort når vi starter billettsalget
lørdag 11. mars kl 10:00 via :
Husk at det er 18-års grense på Sentrum Scene!!
www.billettservice.no , Posten eller tlf. 815 33 133

På Sentrum Scene denne sommerkvelden, vil vi kunne tilby både nummererte sitteplasser på galleriet, samt ståplasser.

  • Tracy Chapman tilbake til Norge

www.nrk.no, Publisert 08.03.2006 15:15. Oppdatert 08.03.2006 15:15.

Tracy Chapman kommer tilbake til Norge og spiller på Sentrum Scene i Oslo søndag 18. juni.

Sist gang hun opptrådte her var i Oslo Konserthus i mars 2003.

Hennes siste album «Where You Live» kom ut i fjor og i forbindelse med utgivelsen turnèrte hun i Europa. I år nøyer hun seg med en liten europeisk sommerturné.

Tracy Chapman ble født i Cleveland, Ohio i 1964. Hun feirer i disse dager 20-årsjubileum som artist.

Hun ga ut sin første single da hun var 22 år. Året etter ga hun ut sitt debutalbum og med «Fast Car» toppet hun britiske lister.

Herjet listene
Sangene «Talking ‘Bout A Revolution» og «Baby Can I Hold You» herjet også listene i 1988 og hun solgte over seks millioner eksemplarer av sitt debutalbum bare i USA.

Billettsalget til konserten på Sentrum Scene starter lørdag 11. mars.


  • Tracy Chapman to visit Oslo on June 18th – By http://www.visitoslo.com

When Tracy Chapman visited Oslo in 2003, tickets to her show were sold out within two hours! This summer Chapman sets out to tour Europe again, and on Sunday June 18th at 8 pm she will be playing at Sentrum Scene in Oslo.

Tracy Chapman was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1964, and is one of the World’s most award-winning artists. She released her first single record at the age of 22. Her debut album “Fast Car” topped UK charts, and the singles “Talking æBout A Revolution” and “Baby Can I Hold You” were also on the hit charts in 1988. The debut album sold over 6 million copies in the USA only. In 1989 Chapman won prizes in the American Music Awards and Brit Awards, and she received a Grammy for Best New Artist.

Tracy Chapman has released eight records so far, one of which is a “best of”-album. Her latest record, “Where You Live”, was released in 2005 and was followed by a European tour that did not include Norway. There will be both standing and seating tickets available for the concert at Sentrum Scene.

Tickets for sale from March 11th at 10 am at www.billettservice.no, phone no. +47 815 33 133

For more information, please see www.sentrumscene.no and www.tracychapman.com

VENUE: SENTRUM SCENE, Arbeidersamfunnets plass 1, Oslo, Norge (Capacity: 1750)

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