2006 – Where You Live Tour – June 14, East Molesey, Hampton Court Festival



Set 1:
01. Say Hallelujah
02. Mountains O’ Things
03. Subcity
04. Never Yours
05. Smoke And Ashes
06. At This Point In My Life
07. Behind The Wall
08. The Promise > Save A Place For Me
09. Talk To You
10. Telling Stories
11. Another Sun
12. Fast Car
13. Talkin’ Bout A Revolution
14. Change
15. Give Me One Reason
16. America

Encore 1:
17. Baby Can I Hold You
18. Stand By Me

Setlist submitted by Serena



  • Fishbone, 06/15/06: Wow. It was a fantastic concert. I loved it.It was really good cause it was laid back and she played all the typical songs, plus a couple of my favourite songs that are “fillers” on her cd’s. She played a couple of songs from all her albums. “Changes”, “Mountain o’ Things”, and “America” were a couple of my favourites.


    It was alittle bit cold tonight, and Tracy had to stop through one of her songs because her hands were too cold to play the guitar. She was alittle embarressed, but it was funny. She made a comment later that she wanted a car because after saying she needed gloves, she ended up getting something to help warm her hands.


    The Stage was very simple but played lights against the panels to give it a different part of the day (eg dusk, dawn, midday ect.) for different songs to set the mood.

    I can’t wait to see her again (if I ever get the chance, I’m definately going to jump at the opportunity to see her again)

  • Mandie: What a woman!
    Nadat die piekniek klaar was, en die son het begin sak, het ons in die Courtyard gaan sit en sy het gesing vir 2 1/2 ure.


    Dit het skielik so koud geword dat sy op ‘n stadium in die middel van ‘n song opgehou het, en begin verskoning vra het. Die arme vrou se hande het so koud geword dat sy nie meer kon guitar speel nie. Syt so rukkie opgehou en haar verhoogbestuurder het haar opgestop met nog baie klere.


    Die stage was binne in een van die courtyards in die paleis. Daar was so ongeveer 2 500 mense.

  • Monxena: 14th June 2006 – HAMPTON COURT PALACE, UKHampton Court Palace, does there exist a more fitting venue for the regal voice of Tracy Chapman? The audience make up was different from any Tracy Chapman concert I have been to in the last 12 years – mainly upper-middle class, white English people – proving that Tracy’s music and soul stroking voice reaches deep into all kinds of people.

    Even this very English audience couldn’t control their delight at hearing the quality of Tracy’s voice and soon they were clapping, cheering and showing appreciation for what was a truly memorable concert.

    Although it shouldn’t have been, the best moment for me was when the chill of the cold summer’s evening caused Tracy to stop playing mid-song and she spoke to the crowd for longer then she’s ever spoken before – making jokes and showing that she has a real sense of humour. It’s so lovely to hear her laughter and see her so very genuine smile. Once her hands were warm, she resumed stimulating the crowd with old and new songs and ended a most enchanting concert with her very own version of BB Kings -Stand By Me.

    Tracy’s voice always sounds better live than on CDs – and it was the same at Hampton Court. The small venue allowed for the vocals to bounce off the walls and when I closed my eyes, it was like being wrapped in a warm blanket of smooth, calm and soothing sound.

VENUE: Hampton Court Palace Festival, Hampton Court, East Molesey, Surrey, UK KT8 9AU


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