2006 – Where You Live Tour – July 28, Lucerne, Blue Balls Festival

[singlepic=931,450,249] SETLIST

Set 1:
01. Say Hallelujah
02. Crossroads
03. Change
04. Subcity
05. Talk To You
06. I Am Yours
07. The Promise
08. Don’t Dwell
09. Fast Car
10. Another Sun
11. House Of The Rising Sun
12. Telling Stories
13. America
14. Give Me One Reason
15. Talkin’Bout A Revolution

Encore 1:
16. Hound Dog
17. Baby Can I Hold You

Setlist and Ticket submitted by Aurélie M.

[singlepic=930,450,337]FAN REVIEW

  • TRACY CHAPMAN LIVE IN LUCERNE – JULY 28th, 2006 – By Natascha

since i decided only a few days before the show to go there i couldn’t find a friend to come along with me. so i went alone that friday night to lucerne to see tracy live for the first time. i loved her albums “tracy chapman” and “crossroads” and then i lost track, somehow. don’t really know why. (i know i’m weird.)

i got hooked again on tracy since i heard rob thomas doing the cover “baby can i hold you” live in scranton, pa.

thanks for that, rob!! :)

if any of you get the chance to see her live, then just go!!! i swear, she has such a beautiful voice a cute personality and her show is fabulous. since they taped the show for some swiss television we weren’t allowed to take pictures. i tried anyways but they didn’t turn out at all without the flash.

the show was sold out (i think i could’ve grab one of the lastest tickets :))) it was general admission on the floor in a very intimate venue with about 3000 people. i got 5th row left center.
the show started at 10.45 pm. tracy began a few lines of the opening song a-capella and she sounded soooooooooo unbelievably good! :o
she did some new songs which i didn’t know and she did also a few old songs like “fast car”, of course “talking about revolution” and my favourite “baby can i hold you”. awwwwww, i had a little tear in my eye during that one because i LOVE that song so much since i was a teenie and she did it SO beautiful. *sigh*
one of the encore song was a bob marley cover “get up, stand up”, which was also very good. the crowd was great, sang along loud with all the older songs and danced too.

tracy has such a cute smile. she thanked and smiled after every song. i think she’s a very likeable woman! :)

at one point she stood there with her guitar and wanted to do an accoustic song (don’t remember which one). her dreadlocks fell in her face and she tried a few times to put them on her back, but they fell in her face over and over again. then she gave up and the audience laughed and she also got a little “awwwwww” from everyone LOL she smiled, apologized and told us she needs to cut them off! LOL

during the little break usually the crowd here never stop to cheer. we also do the mexican wave “la ola”, beginning from the stage and going all the way to the back, when the artist is coming back to the stage. it is really cool and fun. don’t know why, but we do that over here. LOL i think in germany too. :))

so, after the first break we did that wave. actually, tracy noticed it, smiled and had also a little “WTF??” look, though, she didn’t react to the wave. after the second brake we did it again, of course. LOL and then she had to chuckle and asked what that was, she thought it was amazing but someone has to explain. LOL so someone explained that we are doing that after the brake and she told us something like (just paraphrasing) “ok, so this was the first brake then, i want to see that again later” LOL she loved it and we did it again before she went into the 2nd encore. tracy was all smiling. :)
after the very last song, at the end of the show we did the wave again a few times, because she loved it earlier. she was all smiling again and waved her 3 piece band to the front and they did it with us again! they all chuckled and loved it!!

awwwwww, it was such a great night! can’t wait to see the show again on tv! :))

VENUE: Blue Balls Festival

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