2005 – Where You Live Tour – October 6, Portland, Roseland Theatre



Set 1:
1. Why?
2. Baby Can I Hold You
3. Change
4. Crossroads
5. America
6. Fast Car
7. Don’t Dwell
8. House of the Rising Sun
9. Smoke & Ashes
10. Another Sun
11. Say Hallelujah
12. Before Easter
13. Behind The Wall
14. Talking’Bout A Revolution
15. Give Me One Reason

Encore 1:
16. Knocking on Heavens’s Door
17. Lovesong

Setlist submitted by Tanya


  • Tanya, 10/07/05: All in all a strong, enjoyable performance. Tracy live is always good, and I thought it was nice that she covered a Bob Dylan song, since the first time I was privileged to see her live was when she was the opening act for Dylan.
    Tracy was wearing black jeans, and a black t-shirt with short enough sleeves to see how strong she is. She seemed to be having fun. The playing of Knocking on Heavens Door was a spontaneous one, her guitar tech had to hussle to switch instruments. The sound was quite good for the grungy little venue that it was.
    She might have enjoyed it more except for the rude and inconsiderate people constantly yelling in the crowd. Before she came out for the last song, the venue briefly started the house music. Just a mediocre venue with a disrespectful set of people. Tracy handled it well, but she must grow weary of that. The fact that a cell phone rang in the middle of the a cappella version of Behind the Wall was abhorrent. I simply wish that people were civilized and knew how to behave in a considerate way in public, or else stayed home and listened to the cd.
  • Jake, 10/07/05: Speechless – well, not quite, but you know…
    Of the many concerts I’ve been to in my short life, Tracy Chapman tonight, was the best. To truly understand why it was such a great show you have to understand that one of my top 5 albums of all-time is her self titled debut album. She has, of course, made some great music since then, but that first album is still in my regular playlist on a daily basis.

    B and I had a good vegan dinner on our way to the show, and we missed most of Ben Taylor, who, from what I did hear, is quite similar to his dad, James Taylor.

    Now before I get into the set list, let me also say that the other thing that made this concert great, was the venue–The Roseland. I was expecting this place to be big, not arena big, but definitely auditorium big, I was wrong. It was bigger than say a bar, but smaller than an auditorium, if that helps you. So, we find our seats, settle in for an intimate evening with one of my favorite recording artists of all time.

    I can’t remember the entire set list, but I know that she played these favorites (these should be Windows Media Player links, courtesy of Amazon.com):

    Baby, Can I Hold You
    Fast Car
    Behind the Wall (This one, of course, is one of my absolute favorites, and it was incredible. The a capella was amazing.)
    Talkin’ Bout a Revolution
    Give Me One Reason

    She did several new songs, off of her album Where You Live, which were great. She did 2 encores. The first one she did an amazing cover of the Bob Dylan song, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. For her second encore she did an even better cover of The Cure’s Lovesong.

    I’ve always known she was a wonderful singer and songwriter, but she truly seemed to enjoy being on stage, and seemed genuinely flattered by the audience’s need to constantly tell her how much we love her. I realize that it’s not much of a tour, but if she has a stop anywhere near you, please try to make this show. You won’t be sorry.

VENUE: Roseland Theater, 8 NW Sixth Ave, Portland, OR 97201 – USA (Capacity: 1 000)
PROMOTER: Double Tee Concerts

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