Did Ed Sheeran copy Tracy Chapman on “Shape Of You”?


The UK number one single, “Shape OF You”, penned and performed by British singer Ed Sheeran has been compared to Tracy Chapman’s “Mountain’s O Things”.

BBC radio presenter Chris Evans made the comparison between Sheeran’s #1 single and Chapman’s 1988 track on his breakfast show last week.

Evans said, “So I heard that, I thought, this reminds me of something, what is it? Then I remembered this Tracy Chapman track”.

Ed’s story telling style is certainly influenced by Chapman, you can hear this on tracks such as “Lego House” and “A-Team”. However, these two tracks have an additional thematic connection by way of an isolated marimba melody.

Here are the tracks for you to compare:

What do you think? Rip off or just co-incidence? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

Ed Sheeran has just announced a UK tour, tickets are on sale now.

Tracy Chapman is not currently touring but you can get updates first by signing up to the mailing list.

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