Our Bright Future: latest news


Here’s the latest news:

– Strasbourg tickets are on sale on FranceBillet.com, it’s the last one to be available on this european tour.

– In the meantime, the Zurich (Switzerland) concert is already sold out, so be fast to book your tickets wherever you are.

– The official release date of Our Bright Future will not the be the same for everyone, here are the dates seen until then: Nov 7 in Belgium, Nov 9 in the UK, Nov 10 in France and rest of Europe, Nov 11 in the USA… To be confirmed of course, online sources not being always sure.

– And last but not least here’s a photo we should see alot in the next few months, a photo from the Our Bright Future press kit?

Tracy Chapman, Our Bright Future

Tracy Chapman, Our Bright Future

I’m off for two weeks of holidays so updates should be rare in the upcoming weeks…

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