Tavis Smiley Show Interview

Tavis Smiley ShowAudio archive of the Tracy interview and transcript of the interview by Tavis Smiley here

Tavis: …This new CD, “Where You Live,” what makes this – this is number seven?

Chapman: That’s right.

Tavis: What makes this one different from the other six?

Chapman: Well, in some ways the approach to making the CD. We actually made it in a space that I built, actually, in a way. Set up all the equipment, hung the curtains. It was a rehearsal space that we were using, so there was some labor involved in getting things set up.

Tavis: So you were personally invested in this in more ways than one?

Chapman: Very much so, yes. And then we recorded most of it live, kind of similar to the first record, lots of live vocals. And then, you know, I was exploring musically in various ways, and playing lots of different instruments on this record. I played clarinet on the record. I played drums, not the drum set, but percussion.

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