2004 – Make-Out Room, San Francisco


“Tracy Chapman slipped into the Make-Out Monday night [may 3]for a surprise secret show. Ditching her hits, she reportedly played some darker, more atmospheric songs with local guitar kingpin Joe Gore and eastmountainsouth drummer Quinn and whooped it up with a bunch of covers, including the Cure’s “Love Song,” Prince’s “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man,”Howlin’ Wolf’s “Howlin’ for My Darling” and Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.””SF Gate (submitted by kidluna7)

The Make-Out Room in San Francisco is a 180 capacity venue located in the Mission District area, between Valencia Street and Mission Street.

Lucky attender Andrea Scher’s review and photo (published here with her kind permission)

Tracy Chapman at the Make-out room in San Francisco

Tracy Chapman at the Make-out room in San Francisco

“Some days start out being ordinary. You work hard, you’re too tired to cook, you go out for Thai food, and on the walk home you imagine collapsing full-bellied onto the sofa to watch The Swan or some other horrible nonsense on the tv. It is an ordinary night.

Suddenly your phone rings and your friends give you the tip off. Tracy Chapman will be playing a secret concert DOWN THE STREET FROM YOUR HOUSE at a neighborhood bar. They just bought you the last two tickets and you are the luckiest person on Earth.

She sounds better than you ever remember her. You are 10 feet away and can see her shy grin and strong arms. You are at a campfire and she is singing just for you. She opens with a Cure song and then plays your favorite Prince tune. She is playing everything from Gillian Welch to Bob Seger. They all sound even better than the originals and you decide that no one should be allowed to sing their own songs anymore. Tracy Chapman should sing every last one of em. She is clearly the most qualified.

She belts out Come As You Are by Nirvana and everyone is shrieking with delight and singing along. It is one of those rare times that you feel the preciousness of the moment, the luck, the utter joy; it is like a thousand perfect moments strung together.

Life can surprise us sometimes. Ordinary days can become extraordinary. It may not happen every day but the possibility is always there. Last night reminded me to listen for it…”

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