2003 – Let It Rain Tour – July 22, Philadelphia, PA, Electric Factory



  • Sunshower5, 07/23/03: The first song I remember hearing from Tracy is Fast Car. I was a rocker then, but it still struck me in the right way. I didn’t get into her yet though.I got married and had twin boys which were born 3 months early. They had a very rough start, almost didn’t make it. They had to have physical, occupational & speech therapy. My son Cody, who has autism, needed “something” to get him going. One day we were listening to the radio and “Give me one reason” came on. He got the biggest smile on his face and was entranced by the song. I knew Tracy’s voice was going to be what he needed.

    He was about 2 when we started making him “earn” the chance to listen to Tracy, boy did he work hard!! We listened to her everyday for about 4 years, and often after that. He’s now 9 and still loves her. We just took him to see her last night in Philly, The Electric Factory. He behaved as he was taught to during therapy, and had a blast!! Sorry to anyone who heard a loud belly laugh during the show, that was his fav part of the song :)

    I wanted to thank you Tracy for being an inspiration to my son and helping him better himself. For that I feel tremendous love for you!

  • Cecilia, 07/24/03: I went to see Tracy alone, to allow myself to cry. It was a wonderful show with a little bit of everything. I’ve heard tell that she has a pure voice and I must agree, no other artist can help my feelings ebb and flow like Tracy. 2 hours of sheer joy :)
  • Viki, 08/02/03: My lady put up a show and a half. I felt like i was dreaming the whole time i was watching her. I havent got enough words to describe the way i felt. Just awestruck….amazing.

VENUE: The Electric Factory , 3421 Willow St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Capacity: 2 133)
PROMOTER: Metropolitan Talent LLC
OPENING ACT: Joseph Arthur

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