2003 – Let It Rain Tour – February 4, Paris, Le Grand Rex


Onstage: 9:25pm
Set 1:
01. In The Dark
02. Across The Lines
03. Say Hallelujah
04. For My Lover
05. Nothing Yet
06. Baby Can I Hold You
07. The Promise – Save a place for me
08. Hard Wired
09. Behind The Wall
10. Fast Car
11. You’re The One
12. Give Me One Reason
13. Telling Stories
14. Talkin’Bout A Revolution
Encore 1:
15. Not Fade Away
16. Get Up Stand Up
Offstage: 10:57 pm


  • Lee from OdessaStreet.net, 02/05/03: Could we talk about Tracy Chapman for a second? I just saw her in concert last night, right up front. A respectful audience, nice seats, the works. The woman walks out, simply dressed in a black shirt and jeans (she’s much tinier than I had thought!) and just…oh God….just took over the whole room. Hundreds of people…silenced by this little dreaded woman and her guitar. I still get chills. She’s singing this song off of her new album (“In the Dark”), and it’s a very haunting, chilling song, and I just start crying. My Mom used to cry when the choir sang in church on Christmas, and I never understood why. She would say, “It’s just so beautiful.” Last night was the first time one little voice moved this big girl to tears.

Tracy’s singing is clear and strong, and it carries up to the last person in the last row of the concert hall. When she began singing a cappella “Last night I heard the screaming…” I didn’t dare breathe for fear of missing a moment of the song.

Everybody was moved. I have never seen the French take to a performance so well. Even by the end, once the serious, solemn songs were over and the fun began, they were dancing and clapping and stomping their feet. It was like they were finally released from whatever cocoon they have been stuck in for the last three hundred years.

What I appreciated about Tracy was her simplicity. She spoke – telling little stories before singing a song or two – talking to a fairly large sold-out audience as if she was speaking to each person individually. She never played up the fact that she is a multi-platinum, grammy-winning star. She giggled sheepishly from time to time, showed her nervousness at others, and jokingly made fun of her band members throughout.

At the closing, for her second encore, she said, “This is a song by one of my favorite songwriters. It’s a song about standing up for what you believe in. It seems appropriate given the present climate; France seems to know something about standing up for what it believes in. This is for anybody that believes in peace.”

It was a groovy version of Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up.”

What a beautiful human being, and a beautiful evening.

  • Savy, 02/06/03: Just one word…:) Great site dedicated on Tracy Chapman’s road, songs, life and…the generous voice and emotions, she gives to all of us… Paris, Tuesday 4th 2003: 1st rank, 1st seat…on Tracy’s right :)…we’re all standing up for Tracy’s…and BOB M…Next Tour and next album…very soon… Kind regards ;)

VENUE: Le Grand Rex, Bd Poissonnière, 75002 Paris, France (Capacity: 2750)
OPENING ACT: Pape & Cheikh

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