Where is Tracy Chapman now?


Question: Where is Tracy Chapman now?

Answer: Tracy Chapman is still in the music business and pretty active! She released her 8th album in 20 years in 2008!

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  1. tracy where are you your musice really gave my heart a voice we all miss your pleasent smill god bless..

  2. Tammmy McBride on

    What ever happened to Tracy Chapman? It’s almost like she dropped off the face of the earth! I don’t ever see her anymore or even hear any new songs! When was the last time she recorded a song, and why don’t we see her on TV? We miss her beautiful voice!

  3. Angela Hodges on

    I totally agree with Tammy McBride and that we don’t ever see Tracy anymore or hear any new songs! I have a “Tracy Chapman” bulletin board with all her past album coverings on my wall.I would like to add new album coverings. Tracy Chapman is my favorite singer no doubt about that. I miss her.

  4. Barbara Bryant on

    You now have my email address, so please if Tracy Chapman is near the Detroit area please email me and let me know. I will be sure to go and hear her in person

  5. Oh OMG TRACY. Me and my husband was talking about old singers and your name come up were where u at curlll misss you soooo much come back make thing thingthe way they use to be

  6. Have always had a soft spot for Tracy and her awesome music you are an inspiration xx